Top 10 Important Foods to Boost Immunity

Foods to boost immunity

The immune system of our body is the only defense mechanism capable of protecting us from a lot of diseases and infections. The stronger the immunity, the safer our body will be. In this time of the pandemic, individuals with low immunity are facing a higher risk of getting infected and fatality.

Researchers have found that young people with better immunity are getting cured and defeating Corona without much medical support. These groups of people are creating herd immunity and that's why we should take out body immunity very seriously.

A healthy lifestyle is a key to good body immunity as well as a lot of food items also boost immunity and you must include them in your diet. I have made a featured list of those food items which can boost immunity and I am sure you will find it worthy and useful.

Here are the Immunity Boost Foods:

1. Citrus Fruit:

Vitamin C is the key nutrient and building blocks of white blood cells. These white blood cells are the main part of our immune system helps our body in fighting invading bacteria, viruses, diseases, and also helps in healing wounds. Citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin and almost every citrus fruit contains Vitamin C.

Our body is unable to produce Vitamin C and store it thus it becomes necessary to provide the Vitamin by consuming Vitamin C-rich food items. Our body requires almost 80 mg Vitamin C every day and you can also take supplements to fuel your immune system with Vitamin C. When it comes to Vitamin C rich citrus fruits, the list is huge and some of them listed below:

  • Oranges

  • Tangerines

  • Lemons

  • Grapefruit

  • Clementine

  • Limes

2. Broccoli:

Broccoli is considered a superfood and is packed with a lot of minerals and vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, E, C, and a huge amount of anti-oxidants too. This vegetable is also rich in fiber content and one of the best foods to be included in your menu. One thing to keep in mind about cooking broccoli is that you shouldn't cook it a lot. Most of the vegetables lose their healthy content by overcooking. Boling is the best way to keep your green veggies enriched with their nutritional value.

3. Spinach:

Popeye's favorite food can strengthen your immune system and save your life. This eatable is overloaded with nutrients and rich in multiple vitamins and minerals necessary for our ideal body growth. The beta carotene and antioxidant found in spinach are capable to boost the infection-fighting capabilities of our body's immune system.

As for other vegetables, it is recommended not to overcook the spinach. Cook spinach as little as possible or else it will lose its nutrition value. Overcooked vegetables especially spinach lose almost all its nutrient content including oxalic acid which is one of the key sources in building a healthy immune system.

4. Garlic:

Garlic is hugely used in Indian kitchens and all over the world. It not only makes your meal and cuisine taste so good, but it also helps to strengthen our immune system. From ancient times many civilizations have recognized its qualities and used it for multiple medicinal purposes. Garlic contains a high concentration of a high sulfur compound called Allicin which shows great immune-boosting properties.

5. Ginger:

Ginger is widely used in various cuisines and spices which add great taste to our food and eatables. Other than using it in foods it is also used for many medicinal purposes. Ginger has been using for curing inflammatory diseases and a sore throat for ages and it actually works great. It also helps people fighting nausea as well.

Ginger is also rich in gingerol which decreases the chronic pain and lowers the high cholesterol resulting in better immunity and good health.

6. Nuts:

When it comes to healthy snacks, there is nothing better than nuts. The variety of nuts is huge and you can eat whatever's taste you like the most. Almost every nut no matter the variety is rich in amino acids, Vitamin E, C, and tons of antioxidants.

A human body requires nearly 15 mg of Vitamin E and a half cup of nuts can provide that accurate amount of Vitamin E. These blend of antioxidants, Vitamins, and amino acids boost our immune system and make them fight against diseases.

7. Turmeric:

Turmeric is often called a "miracle food" and is native to the Indian subcontinent. The roots of the turmeric plants are being used for ages in India as medicinal plants. It is hugely used as a main spice ingredient in almost every part of India.

Turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties and capable of treating rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis. This miracle food is rich in curcumin which reduces muscle soreness and damage. It is also capable of healing wounds and cuts and all these qualities collectively boost the immune system.

8. Sunflower Seed:

Sunflower seeds aren't consumed directly but it can be consumed in other ways such as sunflower oil, extract, supplements, etc. These seeds are highly rich in magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin E, and B-6. A chemical compound called Selenium is also found in sunflower seed which researches have shown that capable of combating many viral infections including Swine Flu.

9. Kiwi:

Kiwi fruits are loaded with tons of nutrients including Potassium, Folate, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K and the list goes on. These components help in the proper functioning of our body and also strengthen white blood cells resulting in a strong immune system and great capability of fighting from infections.

10. Papayas:

Papaya fruit is eaten in both raw and ripe states and no doubt it tastes more than good. I have many papaya trees at my home as it is very easy to grow and requires less care and it is one of my favorite fruits. When it comes to the healthy properties of papaya, there are countless.

This fruit is overloaded with Vitamin C and tons of minerals. Papaya is also rich in a digestive enzyme which is called Papain. This enzyme has great anti-inflammatory properties and shows immune building effects.

Bottom Line:

The immune system is the only defense mechanism present in our body and we must make a great effort to strengthen it. Consuming particular food items capable of boosting the immune system can help you build strong body immunity against infections, diseases, viruses, etc.

Our lifestyle, eating habits, and genes decide if you are going to live a healthy life or becoming prone to diseases. Except for genes, we can improve our lifestyle and eating habits and lead to strong immunity and healthy life. The food items listed above will help you in boosting your immune system and consuming them will be a step towards a healthy life.

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