How to Remove Your Hair Extensions at Home - Do’s and Don’ts

How to remove hair extensions

Hair extensions are meant for physical exquisiteness. It helps in increasing the volume and length of the hair. Extensions are permanent and temporary which gives contentment to an individual. It could be realized at both Saloon and home. There is no point in purchasing the service from a luxurious saloon. Here are the tips and methods to remove your Hair Extensions at home with simple and effective methods, which is attainable to everyone.

Before getting into the methods of removing hair extensions at home, the first thing we should know is about the Do’s and Don’ts at the home before removing the hair extensions.

Here are few basic Do’s and Don’ts before removing hair extensions at home:


1. Always go for good shampoo:

Use Shampoo three times a week that contains sulfates. The Inspire Hair Care Products will help in giving a perfect look. Using good Shampoo leads to silky hair without split ends and dry curls. It will help the extensions to become strong by restoring its elasticity and at the same time moistening the hair, keeping them hydrated all the time.

2. Use Loop Brush:

Hair should be maintained every day using a special hair extension loop brush. It will help to strengthen the longevity of the hair extensions. It should be combed gently from the end of the hair in downward motion removing all the tangles. Using the Loop Brush will also help in adding the beauty of natural hair.

3. Sleep on the nice pillowcase:

The brand of pillow case should not be adhesive to the bonded extensions. It is good to tie a hair into the bun before bed. Using a finely fiber pillow case and making a bun before sleeping will ensure the quality of hair extensions without jumble and mess.


1. Sleep with wet hair:

The hair should be well dehydrated before going to bed. On the other hand, never go for speed dry as it will affect the extension bonds. The extreme heat at the natural hair will decelerate the action of oils to the extensions from the scalp, ultimately becoming prone to crimping. Never tie up your hair in a ponytail to dry them faster. It will only add collective weight on hair weakening the extension bond.

2. Brush when wet:

Brushing hair during wet will weaken the adhesive bonds of extensions. It will cause pulling and tugging on the knot, which causes permanent ruin to the hair extensions.

The above basics will ensure perfect hair that fits expected lifestyle. Hair extensions will be fully achieved by following those simple steps at home. After following all those basic rules, types of hair extensions can be removed at home. Some of the hair extensions and ways to remove at home are disclosed below to have admirable and heart winning hair length and volume.


1. Clip-In Methods:

Clip –In methods lasts for maximum of 12 months and minimum around 3 to 6 months in accordance to usage and care. It is easy and manageable to remove the weft at home without anyone. Start with running the fingers gently downward through the hair removing the knots and dangles of the hair. Start at the end of your hair and later upwards. Next comb your hair at the end and work up towards the root of the hair.

After smoothening the hair, it is ready to remove the hair extensions. Removing all at a time will hamper the quality and it is better to start from the top one by one. Feel and locate the clip at the rearward of the head. Un-clip the clasp one by one and remove the weft. Place it on the clean spot. Follow to next, one by one removing the wefts. After removing all the weft at back, next comes the temple hair. Remove the whole weft and comb gently one by one.

Next, arrange all the weft together binding them with a band. Gently comb the weft again and place them in a safe box to use later.

2. Sew-In Method:

Sew-In methods can be removed at the home alone or with the help of another companion. Sewn wefts can be removed with the help of clip and a pair of small scissors. The hair should be clipped and set apart into different sections to remove one by one. Sew-In weft should be removed carefully cutting the thread and pulling out the remaining threads. Move on to the next weft unveiling the thread one by one, until all the weft is removed.

3. Tape-In Methods:

Tape-In Hair Extensions are thin weft artificial hair attached with the natural hair to get desired outlook. The tape-ins can be removed using alcohol and essential oils at home. Every tape should be sprayed with a mixture of alcohol and essential oils. After a few seconds, gently peel off the tape weft from the hair. Alcohol helps in loosening the cohesive bond between the natural hair and weft whereas essential oils will give good scent during peeling off.

4. Glue-In Methods:

Glue-In methods can be removed using essential oils at home. The oil will break the bonds of glue, turning them into particles. After sitting there for fifteen minutes, a loose bond will come out and gently comb the hair till all gets out. For the weft Glue-In hair extension methods, wet the hair and apply the air conditioner. Dehydrate all the moisture using hair straightener. Sandwich the weft between thin cloths and subject it to high temperature for a few minutes. Rub the heated part of the weft and clean all other remaining glue with alcohol.

 Few Hair Extensions at Home can be removed through those steps which can make them attractive and welcoming to others. Further, making you look younger with various styles and textures. Try out those steps to make yourself feel excited.

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