10 Surprising Entrance Exam Preparation Tips for Success

Entrance exam preparation tips

 An entrance exam is not an examination that we have to pass although it is more like a challenge that we decide to take. It is not as easy as it seems to be.

We have to put our 100% hard work to crack any entrance exam that we are enrolling in. We all know that we are living in an extremely competitive world and if we want to stand out from the crowd then we have to work very hard and even during the preparation period, we also have to sacrifice a lot of things.

If we have smart planning and complete dedication then it is not hard for anyone to crack any entrance exam.

Here we have some tips for you that will help you on this journey.

1. Mediation:

Mediation is something that is not only helpful for the students but for everybody whether they are preparing for exams or not. The ultimate goal of mediation is to build concentration and to focus more on your goals.

It is scientific proves that mediation is healed your body from inside. This is very helpful for the students especially when you are preparing for entrance exams.

The moment you wake up just give at least 20 minutes to mediation. It fresh your mind and you will see a huge difference in your preparation, you will concentrate more on your studies.

Even the most successful people do mediation, they also explain how important mediation is in our life. You can check the various apps that you can use to do mediation and they will guide you briefly.

2. To have a positive attitude:

Having a positive mindset is also plays a huge role in affecting your outcome. A student should be around with those people who motivate and encourage them to work hard and filling them with positive thoughts, for example, your father and mother who have faith in you and who believe in you that you can overcome with every obstacle.

When you are around with someone who demotivates you and making you feel like you can’t pass the entrance exam, and you are worthless then try to stay away from those people. Because those negative thoughts affect your performance.

3. Read the syllabus thoroughly:

Every student must go through the whole syllabus before they start preparing for any entrance exam. The syllabus is a solution to every problem, it will tell you what you should study and what shouldn't. So you just have to study what comes under the syllabus.

4. Your Strength and weakness:

Nobody knows you better than you. Every student knows their strength and weakness and they know very well in which subject they can comfortably do their best and in which subject, they find difficulty. Knowing your strength and weakness is an advantage to step up the game.

Before preparing a time table, this will create a crystal clear image on your mind, where you are lacking, and where you need to give extra time and effort.

5. Make a Time table:

After analysis, your strength and weakness. The very next thing you should do is prepare a smart strategy. Student needs to make a time table, the time table is another important thing all students should make while they are preparing for the entrance exam.

Plan your whole day. In this way, you are putting effort into converting your weakness to your strength.

6. Make a study notes:

It is really important to make notes. Whatever you are studying from books or watching any video for taking reference. At that time make notes side by side so that you don't have to watch and read it again. And also it is really helpful at the last minute of your preparation.

Try to make small notes with tricks that will easy to understand because when you are going through the notes at the last minute then it will save your time which is automatically an advantage for you to make notes.

7. Stay physically and mentally healthy:

Students especially don't pay attention to their health during preparation always ignore these small things like what they are taking in, sleeping late at night, forget to drink water while they are preparing for the entrance exam.

Trust me, eating healthy,being hydrated, and sleep well plays a significant role while you are preparing for the entrance exam. If you neglect these things then it will cause you problems.

8. Use fewer book for studying:

When we make up our minds to start for preparation then what we do, we try to learn as many books as we can. But this will not help you in any way rather it creates confusion and you get perplexed about everything.

The solution to this problem is to keep fewer books for every subject and also select the best books which recommend by the topper of last year that will save you from confusion and also you don't have to go here and there for the study material.

9. Revise the notes:

Revising the notes is something on which your whole year's hard work depends on. If you don't revise your note then you forget everything and your hard work will go on drains. So revise your notes every day. Add to your time table that you will revise every day for 1 hour at least.

10 Do practice and solve the previous question paper:

Remember to solve the previous question paper. From this, you will get to know how much time you are taking in completing the paper and also you get an idea which type of question they are asking in the paper.

This way you able to understand the whole pattern of the question. All people say that ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Practice daily after completing the syllabus. If there is a lot of question they are asking about maths then do practice maths questions daily and also note your timing how much time you are taking in completing one question.

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