15 Tricks How to Make Money Online From Facebook 2020

Make money from facebook

Earning money can be very easy! Yes, you read it right. Today, we will discuss 15 legit ways of making money using social media. The social media giant Facebook provides loads of opportunities to earn money.

Till now, you had been posting pics, status or chatting with your friends on Facebook. But, today we will discuss How to Earn from Facebook. All the money making ideas require you to be creative and work constantly on the idea you choose.

You simply need a device to use Facebook, an internet connection and a hard-working creative mind to make real money. Here are the 15 ways to make money:

1. Apply For a Job:

Facebook has a dedicated job portal which can help you find a job. Local companies list job openings in the “Jobs” tab. Both full-time and part-time positions for many companies are available.

Other than the “Jobs” tab you can also find opportunities in many Facebook groups, where you can get insights on the applying process and nature of Job.

Group members include some job seekers and some great recruiters who are looking for suitable candidates. If you wish to work as a Freelancer then there are such groups as well.

2. Become a Social Media Manager:

Do you know that companies pay for handling their social media handles?
If you're social media savvy, then you are paid to manage company social media accounts. You get to work as a Social Media Virtual Assistant, and your responsibilities include:

  • Strategizing social media posts.
  • Interact with followers via creative means.
  • Increase engagement and audience.
  • Create social media illustrations.
  • Monitor ad campaigns.   

Other than FB you’ll have to manage other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you find yourself creative then this is the right opportunity for you.

3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace:

The marketplace is a feature where you can buy or sell anything within your local area. It's completely free for all feature where you can simply share your products with your friends or your following and generate leads or sales.

This feature is not that specialised as other local buy or sell groups, but can help you grow organically. Simple steps on How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace are create catalogues for all your products, use related hashtags and then share them with your audience.

4. Create Facebook Live Videos:

Lights…Camera... Action! If you are comfortable with facing the camera then Facebook Live is a fun way of making good money. You can make entertaining videos, product reviews or educational reviews. Or you can host a live Q&A video where live audiences can interact with you.

For live streams you need to have high-speed internet and an engaging topic to drive the audience.

5. Create Facebook Ads:

Ads are the best paid tools by which you can drive traffic or audience to your content. If you are a business owner then ads can really help you grow your business and drive sales. It’s hard to grow a following in limited time, that's the time when ads come into play.

Using Facebook ads you can target specific audiences to which your product or service belongs. You can run ads for other business owners or start-ups and that's the answer for how to earn money from Facebook ads.

6. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products, brands or services through a Facebook page or by running Ads. You are in a partnership with merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, Vcommisson and many other big e-commerce giants which pay you commission for every sale via your promoted link.

You can start writing informative content or reviews for products on your page to motivate others to use the same product, whenever they will purchase using your affiliate link you get commission.

7. Advertise Your Business on FB:

Facebook is a community of people connected all over the globe with different taste and preference. If you own a business then you can definitely find people having interest in your product or service.

Engagement and interaction with the audience is very easy on Facebook, you can sell services like home-made or custom made products, consultancy or any educational course. By promoting on business you can make money using Facebook.

8. Influencer Marketing on Facebook:

“Influencer “is a person who can influence others and has a huge following. If you have a large following or friend circle on FB then you can be an influencer.

Brands approach influencers as they have an audience to interact and share reviews on certain products or services. If you also have a great following on FB then you can become an influencer and guide people on the choices they make.

9. Earn Money from Facebook Page:

Facebook Pages are a great way to construct a community of people who think alike or have the same opinion on certain topics. Here, you will know how to earn money from Facebook Pages.

Choose a topic on which you think people will like to hear updates on. After creating a page you can easily monetize it either by doing sponsored posts or launch your own products. You can even sell your page to big brands who are ready to pay you the right price.

10. Add a Paid Membership to Your Group:

Being an admin of an active FB group where you provide valuable content your members can pay a subscription fee on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You can start providing valuable content which is not available anywhere on the internet, which will bring more value to group members.

The valuable content you will provide in your group will help you make money using Facebook.

11. Facebook Instant Articles:

If you are a blogger or a writer writing amazing articles that are engaging then yes, FB Instant Articles is for you. You can publish articles which are interesting and have a mass appeal.

A simple registration is required at instantarticles.fb.com where you can get your blog approved for ads. You will be paid for user clicks on the advertisement displayed between the articles.

12. Promote Your Services in Local Groups:

Whether you deal in a service or a product you can promote it on Facebook. If you want to sell or buy anything locally then you can use local audiences available in the FB groups.

Interacting with local people is very easy and the same is for business, if you will find the best products locally then you won’t have to outsource anything, and thus you will save money.

13. Drive Traffic to your Website:

If you are getting less traffic on your blog or you are willing to target a new audience, then Facebook can even help you with this. On Social media you can find people with different interests and opinions.

If your website is based on some specific niche then, you can find such groups or pages where people are willing to know about the same topic. Just share your website URL and get loads of traffic. 

14. Through Freelancing:

If you also expertise in a specific skill then Facebook is a platform to showcase your talent. With groups and pages for freelancing you can easily post your work and get clients. You can share your work samples or reply to member queries to generate leads.

Just by sitting at your home you can work and get paid.

15. Selling your Reviews:

If you are using company B products from a year, but sudden company A approaches and tells that their products are better. They send you samples to test and ask for a product review which you have to post on their FB page.

Now, you can in return charge for your review, as you will take out time to test the product and write a review on social media.

These were the 15 ways on How to Earn Money from Facebook. We at Viral Anchor always bring valuable content for you. You can choose any of the 15 mentioned ways to earn money.

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