11 Signs | What are Very First Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Early signs of pregnancy

Late periods, swollen and tender breasts, nausea, fatigue and so on and so forth – the very first signs and symptoms of pregnancy are as extensive and as varied as they can get. Not every woman out there might as well experience exactly similar symptoms. Not every sign out there is a confirmation of pregnancy.

If you’re presently experiencing the following signs, then be prepared to confirm your pregnancy with the help of a testing kit. Let us browse further to know more!

1. Late Periods:

One of the commonest signs of earliest pregnancy! You might as well have heard your friends saying so. You might as well have heard your grandmom and mom echo similar opinions a different times in your life. What more? You might as well Google up, “what are some common signs of pregnancy?” and this one is bound to surface as one of the topmost reasons. However, pregnancy is seldom the sole cause behind late periods. There, of course, are so many other reasons involved. Changes in weight, stress and hormonal changes are just a few of those reasons.

2. Cravings:

The abnormal food cravings can be attributed to hormonal changes. However, not many are aware, that there might as well be severe aversion to food as well.

3. Cramps:

Abdominal cramps are among the common symptoms because as soon as conception takes place, the fertilized egg gets attached to your abdominal wall. However, do remember that cramping during early pregnancy is mild and should lessen with the passage of time. If your cramps are associated with heavy bleeding or severe pain, you should consult your doctor without delay.

4. Changes in Breasts:

Swollen or tender breasts remain a common symptom of early pregnancy. If you’re considering pregnancy symptoms week by week you can actually notice that at first the breasts fill out as they start producing milk. It’s in the days ahead that your breasts actually become tender as well as sensitive. However, women who are on birth control pills – may not really experience these symptoms.
5. Emotions:

Once again, your hormones are to be blamed. Expect slight emotional fluctuations—at least throughout the first trimester. You are likely to feel more emotionally settled after that.

6. Smell:

It has surprisingly been opined that some women are blessed with heightened smell sensitivity during pregnancy so that they can smell spoiled food and refrain from having them thereby protecting their babies in their womb.

7. Darker Aerolas:

Your hormones may cause the area around your nipple grow darker and wider. This is how your body prepares itself to feed your baby.

8. Nausea:

Around 80-85% women are expected to experience morning sickness. Nausea is triggered by a spike in the hormone levels. Though morning is the usual time when you might end up feeling all nauseating, what we generally call “morning sickness” might as well last throughout the day.

9. Fatigue:

Quite obvious because carrying a child involves a lot of energy. If you’re pregnant then you’re likely to feel less tired after the placenta is fully formed – i.e. after 12 weeks!

10. Abnormal bathroom schedule:

There might as well be a few changes in your usual bathroom schedule – thanks to the hormonal changes. Gear up for more trips to the bathroom – definitely more urinating in the line. However, more urinating might as well be a sign of diabetes or urinary tract infection. So be sure to report to the doctor!

11. Your basal temperature goes up:

Expect your basal temperature to go up by a degree and last for more than two weeks or so.

Winding Up..

How early do pregnancy symptoms start? There are women who might end up experiencing changes right after conception. However, not everyone!  As has been mentioned once already – some of you wouldn’t even experience most of the symptoms documented here. However, if you do notice even one of them, you might as well consider confirming your pregnancy with the help of a kit.

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