7 Surprising Event Management Tools for 2020

Event management tools

As an event manager, you are always juggling with constant planning, instant changes, tackling unforeseen circumstances, integrating elements to enhance audience experience and so much more.

Due to this, the event planners resort to using event management tools as they have been known to increase audience engagement by 20% with productivity by over 25% leading to better profits.

So, we have accumulated some amazing event management tools that will make your life easier, simpler, and better whereas your events will become more exciting, entertaining, and engaging for the audience.

1. Whova: Whova is an all-in-one event management software with end-to-end solutions for your event. You can use your unique functionalities as per your requirements.

The tool is highly user-friendly with diverse compatibility, device responsiveness, and much more. You can use this tool for event registration, event promotion, badging and check-ins, etc.

The tool helps in saving time and effort for the event planners and maximize their returns.

2. Taggbox: Taggbox is a UGC platform that helps in tremendously increasing the audience engagement in the event with Social walls. With Taggbox, you can create & curate valuable UGC from social media into a feed and
display the feed in your event.

So, you can easily connect with the online audience through your event along with engaging the in-event audience. The social walls can be used for interactions, contests, QnA sessions, entertainment & gamification, etc.

The tool is easy to manage with a bag full of design customizations, content quality moderation, real-time content updates, customer support, and much more.

It is effective, simple, and multi-functional and comes with analytics as well to measure the performance.

3. Monday.Com: Monday.com as an event management tool allows you to plan, organize, and manage the tasks & deadlines relating to the event. You can create a task list for every person involved in event planning & management.

The tool helps you to review the workflow of your team and check the progress for the event. You can manage budgets, organize timelines, track dates, built-in messaging thread, upload relevant information, and much more.

The internal communication feature is excellent letting the teams have clear and transparent communication, assign email so that the necessary information reaches every concerned person.

4. EventBrite: Eventbrite is a globally popular event management platform that is suitable for all kinds of events - be it small, medium, or large. Mainly it is known for event ticketing solutions.

You can use Eventbrite to send emails, reminders, notifications, allow people to register, buy tickets, send confirmation, promotions, and much more.

It is highly customizable giving you the opportunity to create a creative listing page and has in-built payment options, insightful analytics, and real-time monitoring. The downside is that they charge a percentage of tickets price and some specific amount as a fee which might negatively affect it.

5. Explara: Explara is probably a tool that does the work of 10 tools in just one be it registration streamlining, event engagement, event promotions, event reporting & analytics, and much more.

Explara is an event and membership management tool that offers application solutions for pre-event, during the event and post-event management.

The services range from online ticketing, contact database, email campaign, event merchandise, marketing & promotions, entry management, badge printing, a branded mobile app for the event.

All these features help in increasing the event productivity, audience engagement, reduced cost and increased revenue possibilities.

6. Social Tables: Social tables is a leading global SaaS company that focuses on event diagramming, planning, seating, design, and check-in products for better events experience.

The use of smart designing, 3D mapping, and interactive content to help the event planners to visualize their event experience perfectly. This app is quite technically advanced and allows you to create creative floor plans for any event.

Besides this, you can improve management communication with real-time interactions & collaborations and generate better leads through smart visualization.

7. Socio: It is an intuitive event app for events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. where you can create a fully customizable event app for your event loaded with features & experiences.

The best part of Socio is that it takes the event experience to the next level with gamification features. Besides planning, organizing, and managing the event, you can also create challenges, contests, and rewards for the attendees.

The integration of gamification along with event management makes it a perfect tool for modern-day events for boosting user engagement and execute a successful event.

The app also provides you with analytics and gathers valuable user information like email, number, address, etc.


These were some of the best event management platforms that you can use to execute successful events with memorable audience experiences.

The key thing to consider here is that each of these tools is distinctive so, you should define your event objectives and goals based on which it will become easy to choose the right tool.

It is recommended that you make full use of such event management tools as the returns are higher compared to minimal investments that you will have to make.
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