5 Surprising Facts on Apartment Setup to Get Extra Spaces

Apartment setup

Many people out there don’t know how to decorate a studio apartment, which makes them grow tired staying at home. If you live in a studio apartment, then it is likely that you have difficulty in making it livable. The good news is with our studio apartment ideas; you can turn your tiny space into a much spacious one while sticking to your budget. It sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out yourself.

1. Allow Natural Light:

The fact is, a room looks more prominent when you invite natural light in. It is worthy of mention that to maximize space in a studio apartment, one smart thing to do is leaving window space open for sunlight to come in. If your privacy is an issue in your residence, opt for lightweight curtains with which sunshine can still visit your studio.

Alternatively, you can do with electric light if inviting natural light to your home is not your thing. The reason for this is because darker rooms look smaller. The truth is, lightning your studio with its floor color can make your home feel spacious. If you think having a standing light will occupy much space, we recommend a white ceiling fan with light. With this, you don’t need a standing fan also.

2. Get a Storage Bed:

A small apartment poses difficulty in the organization of your belongings. While your bed stands as the largest luggage, you need to set up in your studio apartment. It also serves as a potential storage for many other things that can make your room unnecessary jam-packed. Thus, if you get a bed with built-in storage, you can easily store items up there.

3. Take advantage of the Wall Space:

Suffice it to say that your apartment interior design must be highly creative, so you can create much space as well as a beautiful studio. By maximizing the wall space, you are unlocking a world of storage that is capable of giving you as much free space as you want. All you need to do in achieving this is installing shelves on the wall or get a bookshelf, where you can always store things that you frequently use. In the same vein, Lifehack recommends
that you build your storage upward to save space.

4. Fewer Belongings in the Living Room:

In effecting your studio apartment design, you should free up space in the living room as much as you can. For instance, if having tried all your space-saving idea, there's still little or no space in your living room, you might need to move some different loads to the kitchen. This can be achieved by storing things in a bookshelf installed in the kitchen; that it is a kitchen does not mean you cannot store miscellaneous things there.

5. Arrange your Furniture Close to the Wall:

One other way to save space in your studio apartment is by arranging your furniture against the wall. This type of interior design will keep as much floor space as possible, thereby giving room for activities. More so, you do not only achieve a spacious room, but you also get yourself a neatly organized home.
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