Common Facts about Forklifts that Every Businessman must Know

Facts about forklifts

If a business wants the various tasks to be done quickly, efficiently and smoothly then you have to choose the right equipment and different tools to complete the tasks. An extremely lightweight object can be lifted and moved in a place by the staff members but the utmost massive items can’t be lifted even with the help of 10-20 healthy people.

For this purpose, various forklifts are used. You will be surprised to know that there is a forklift called Piggyback forklift which also has great value. It is also used for heavy or light lifting purpose.

Common Facts about Forklifts

Although, everyone knows about the various advantages and uses but there are a few facts that every businessman must know. The common feature of all types of forklift is that it is needed to carry objects from one place to another. Below are 13 common facts that every business owner must know if he/ she wants to boost productivity.

When it was first manufactured?

The forklift is not ancient equipment as many people might think. Many of the old versions of the vehicle were used since the First World War but it was manually powered. The modern adaptations used various power sources which were developed in the 1960s. Since then many changes were made to improve the working.

Comes in a wide variety

In the past, there were only one or two types of forklifts manufactured. These two didn’t fulfil the purpose so the forklift companies thought of making improvements in the design and make new and advanced models of the two originals. Now there are several types that can be driven for many functions.

Piggyback forklift is also a type

The name piggyback might amuse you because generally this term is used to carry a person on the shoulder and sometimes on the back. Well, you will be astonished to learn that this forklift actually attached to the back of the truck or any other vehicle; thus the name.

Can be used in different Industries

All type of industrial work needs some kind of lifting of objects and even people. The various varieties of forklifts can be used in construction areas, warehouses, for recycling materials, at dockyards, sea and dry ports, ploughing snow, and also transporting people safely from one place to another.

Have many attachments

The forklifts that you buy from different companies like Bobby Park to name one; have the ability to attach various accessories to it. There are almost 40 accessories that can be attached to any forklift. But it must be kept in mind to select the attachment that is compatible with the forklift you have.

Can cope in extreme weathers

The latest forklifts that are built have been designed in such a way that they can withstand the most extreme harsh weather. Many of the industries in which forklifts are used have to operate in extremely cold or hot seasons. Also, there are places the people and machinery faced acute elements of nature. So a forklift has to be strong to resist the extreme weather.

Choice of buying or rent it

There are many circumstances where you can’t afford to buy a forklift. For these situations, there is an option of renting whatever type of forklift you think is best for the purpose. Sometimes the tasks for the forklift are not long term. Many companies do seasonal business for which buying a forklift is useless as there will be no use for it afterwards.

Forklifts can be custom made as well

Several forklift manufacturers offer the services of making the vehicle according to the demands of the companies and businesses they will be used for. Different modifications can be adjusted to the use of the industry. The forks of the vehicles are the most general type of attachment that has to be changed.

Lifting various Loads

The range of forklifts lifting loads is much diversified. The minimum load that an ordinary electric forklift can lift is 2000 kg; whereas the heavy-duty forklift can carry up to 10,000 kg. Different forklifts can carry various weights in between this range of 2000-10,000 kg.

Movement in Spaces

The three-wheeler has the best ability to maneuver in very small and congested. So it is best suited for warehouse use. But there is a large variety of four-wheel forklift that can only be used to carry heavy weights and move is massive spaces.

Health Benefits for workers

Carry only the objects that are reasonably heavy or the weight that you can carry. There are many physical problems that can occur if you carry heavy items. You can lose your balance and fall down and hurt yourself. Or it may happen that yourbackbone gets in trouble.

Multiple Power Sources

You will get several power source options for the forklift and so is the Piggyback forklift. The forklifts can be powered by gas, electricity or diesel.
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