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About mouth guard

When your child is interested in playing sports in school and community then there are many troubles that revolve in your mind. The most troubling of all is whether your kid’s teeth will be damaged or you will be able to protect it. When the mouth is threatened by an accident then not only the teeth but also the tongue, flesh of cheek and gums are vulnerable.

What is a Mouth Guard?

But there is a way b which you can protect your child’s teeth and that is a mouthguard. This device is an important one which is recommended by experts as a preventive measure to protect the mouth. It is an apparatus in the shape of a set of the upper and lower teeth. The mouth guard is not the only mane given to it. It also goes by the names such as; gum shield, mouth protector, night guard, mouthpiece, occlusal splint, bite plane, gum guard and bite splint.

Different types available

There are three type mouthguards available in the market for the protection of the child’s teeth and other mouthparts. They come in various sizes and qualities so that everyone can afford it. The mouth guard gives a feeling of satisfaction to the parents that their child is guarded by injuries.

Personally Customized
Sometimes the mouth and teeth structure of many people are not like others. Although every person is different from the other several individual’s facial makes is not ordinary. For those people, a customized mouthguard is made. It is made by using personal measurements of the mouth. The personal mouthguard is designed in a dental clinic and laboratory.

Not Expensive Stock Mouth Guards

These are common kinds of mouthguards that come in various sizes but the measurement of each type is the same. They can be bought at a very low price and in large quantities as well. The dentists don’t recommend it as safe because these types don’t fit all. Stock mouth guards can be found at every sport or good department store.

Thermoplastic Protectors
It is also called the boil and mouth protectors which can fit better on the teeth in the mouth then the ordinary mouth guards. It is made of thermoplastic which is dipped into hot water and made soft. Then the protector is placed on the teeth and adjusted according to the shape of the teeth.

Who can wear a mouthguard?

When you take your child to a dentist near your area; over there information is given about mouth guards. The most crucial question you have to ask as parents are who can wear it? The answer to this is a child who plays sports, do activities for enjoyment or suffer from nocturnal bites have to wear a mouthguard.

Fixed Braces and Mouthguard

It is a great idea to wear mouth guard even when there is fixed braces on your teeth. An injury to the teeth can damage the braces which will result in misalignment of the teeth or even permanently destroy the teeth. So your child dentist can recommend you, mouth guard, to protect the braces and bridges on the teeth.

Taking care of the device

Like every oral device, the mouth guard must also b taken care of.

1. Clean up the mouthguard with toothpaste or mild soap before and after using it.

2. The water should be moderately cold.

3. The container in which it is kept should be allowed air circulation. But be careful not to damage it while travelling.

4. Regularly check the mouth guard for any problem.

Benefits of Mouth Guard

It is a general concept that the mouth guard only protects the teeth from any injury. But it has much more benefits than you might think. If it were only to keep the teeth safe then it would have been named teeth guard. It is called a mouth guard and this body part has teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue; so it protects all.

Protecting the Teeth
The primary job of this device is to safeguard the teeth from extensive damage. There are many ways by which the teeth can be injured. Falling down on the ground is the most common reason. Many other causes are also there like; a body part hitting the face or sporting equipment strikes hard. But less damage is done when children wear a mouthguard.

Caring for the cheek and tongue

Sports are played with passion, aggression and enthusiasm. So there are situations when your child displays these emotions and at that moment your teeth can rub against the tongue and flesh of cheeks; hurting them. The guard can prevent it by covering up the teeth.

Proper Alignment of Teeth

The mouth guard not only protects the teeth from loss but also help to keep them straight. The upper and lower jaws are separated from each other to prevent teeth damage.

Mouth Guard and Concussion

During various sports, the athletes can experience mild brain trauma known as concussion. But surprisingly the Pediatric Dentist Tulsa advice parents to provide their children with mouth guards so that they can lower the risk
of concussion.

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