An Exclusive Guide for Dog Owners to Maintain Their Sod Grass

Guide for dog owners to maintain sod grass

It has been estimated that 60-70% of Americans own some kind of pet. Out of this percentage, 25-30% of the people own some kind of species of dog. Almost half of the total percentage is a dog owner. But with this responsibility come problems and troubles both inside and outside the home.

Ways of Damaging Sod Grass

Whatever sod grass you have installed; it has to undergo damage that is caused by dogs. But there is one grass that can resist the wear and tear of dogs is the Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta. This grass is not only beautiful looking
but also has other qualities that make it the best amongst other species.Still, the grass can be injured by the dogs and their doings.

The urine of the Dog:

It is the nature of the dog to pee many times in a full day. Urea is the one major ingredient in the urine of the dog that contains a lot of nitrogen. Although. Nitrogen is helpful for the grass and other plants but overdosagecan burn the grass and turn it brown.

Dog’s Feces:

You must have noticed that where the dog poops; that area has developed bacteria and fungus. This is because of the bacteria and moisture that is present. Some people don’t bother picking it up as they think it will act as a fertilizer. But in reality,it can cause severe damage.

The Habit of Digging:

There are many reasons as to why the dog has a habit of digging in the ground. They want to have fun, want to be free, to escape the heat of the sun, bury their bones and searching for food are a few reasons why dogs dig in the ground.

Running all around:

No definite cause has been described as to why the dogs run around the yard. You must be wondering as to how the paws of the dogs can harm the sod grass? The force of running paws is capable of damaging the grass. You must have noticed that there is a specific area where there is more injury. This is because that spot is the favorite place of your dog.

Dog- Friendly Sod Grasses

When you plan to design the lawn; it is important to pay attention to the activities of the dog and especially to the type of grass you want to install in your lawn. There are many varieties of grass that you can buy from companies like Atlanta Metro Sod; following are a few to mention.

Tall Fescue:

If you are living in a cooler region then this sod grass is ideal for you. You must know that sunlight is little available; so the tolerance for shade is excellent. The wear tear quality of the grass is very good so it is best for those houses which have dogs.

Bermuda Sod Grass:

If you are worried that the paws of the dogs will cause damage to the grass; then think not more as many of the varieties of Bermuda grass can recover from injuries quickly. The areas where the sunlight is plenty is superb for this sod grass. But it not taken care of it in the dormant period then it can wither.

Atlanta's Zeon Zoysia sod :

There are many types of Zoysia sod grass but Zeon Zoysia is the one which is most popular amongst dog owners. It is the toughest grass as it can resist the injury caused by the digging and running of the dog.

Advice to Maintain Sod Grass Beauty

You can’t change the habit of pooping and urinating off the dog but there are several pieces of advice that you can follow to reduce the damage and maintain the beauty of the installed sod grass.

Water the Peed areas:

If you find that an area of the grass has been peed on then you have to water it to dilute the nitrogen. It decreases the chemicals from the urine and leaves less nitrogen in the ground.

Clean the Poop Immediately: 

Keep a constant lookout for the poop of the dog around your lawn. When you find out faeces is anywhere; you have to clean it up at that moment. Not only it creates a health problem but also coyotes are drawn to it.

Let the dog use full Lawn:

Train your dog in such a way that it develops a habit of utilizing the whole of the yard. It will not focus the damage to one specific area. The distribution will be equal because the pee, poop, running and digging is scattered.

Restrict the Dog’s Activities:

It is very important to restrict the activities of the dog. The dog must not run around after the chemicals have been sprayed, he grass is been freshly watered and especially when the Zeon Zoysia sod Atlanta is newly installed.

Make use of the Damaged Patch:

At many times circumstances develop when the grass gets damaged and re-installation is difficult. This damaged grass can be made to use by allowing the dog to stay there and do whatever it wants to.
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