Top 5 Tools to Display the Live Instagram Feed in Events

Live instagram feed tools

After getting popular as a social media network, Instagram now is getting a similar acquaintance in the marketing world too.

With more than 25 million brands having their social presence on Instagram, it is now the second biggest social media marketing network after Facebook.

Events, on the other hand, are also getting technically advanced.

They are more than just events now. Big screens in the form of social walls are been deployed in the events to make events look trendy and fashionista.

Social walls are digital screens that usually comprise of social media content on them.

Let us find out the best tools that can integrate Instagram with your events and can display live Instagram feed
on social walls and can keep the audience engaged and well-entertained in your events.

1. Taggbox:

Taggbox is an all-rounder social media aggregator.

It creates a wall or feed within itself by fetching hashtags, mentions, keywords, and tags in the case of INSTAGRAM.

The curated Instagram feed is then ready to get moderated with features like profanity filters. Moderation can be done in both manual and automatic modes.

To beautify the Instagram feed, you can customize it with options like theme style, card style, banner & background image, font style, font color, and font size, etc.

Other than these, it has options like content play and featured pop-up for video and highlighting an image respectively.

You can also update your Instagram content with real-time in Taggbox through its different paid versions as Lite, premium, and professional.

2. Everwall:

Everwall is again a social media aggregation tool, also known for its analytics. It can smoothly display Instagram live feed into your events as a social wall.

Moderation and customization of the feed is very easy in Everwall along with some commerce-friendly options like advertising, sponsorships for commercial events.

Everwall has built a social trust in its users with many years of experience in social media aggregation. It is also recognized for its real-time display with pretty attractive updating frequency for the newer content.

It is believed that it takes just a few seconds to update the feed in real-time.

3. Eventifier:

Eventifier is a social wall builder with all the relevant features like content curation, moderation, and personalization.

However, it is famous for its content archiving behavior.

It saves the content if once curated and then allows you to re-use it in the future even if it will be removed from the social media.

The audience can be made to feel reliving the moment by showcasing the older user-generated content through it.

It creates a nostalgic ambiance and can engage the previously engaged audience too with it. Event organizers usually prefer such an event management tool that can assist them in calling the audience back to their doors with minimal efforts.

4. PresentersWall:

PresenterWall is recognized for its Q&A sessions. It allows the public to submit their choice of the question for any trending personality or matter.

You can curate the Q&A replies by applying rules to restrict a particular word or content. Also, the polling and voting option is available in this to make this platform best for such competitive moments especially.

It has the options to upvotes or downvotes the answers and questions, on the basis of which the most upvoted question comes first on the feed and gets maximum engagement.

5. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social can prepare a feed from all your social networks. It'll queue up the content in advance, and let ViralPost find the best send times.

While serious and real-time social streams about essential business announcements aren’t the place for filters, they’re a great way to let your personality shine through in casual events.


Social walls are the core concept of social commerce marketing. Creating social recognition of a brand by showcasing its user-generated content gains trust among the visitors to the event and ultimately increases the user-engagement rate.

A higher user-engagement rate would lead to increased sales as well as global recognition.

Global recognition is not to be under-estimated after-sales, as this level of recognition is also quintessential for playing the role of a hero of your field across the globe.
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