Top 10 Tips to Boost your Memory for UPSC Examination: Beginners Guide

Top 10 Tips to Boost your Memory for UPSC Examination: Beginners Guide

The brain is an amazing part of the human body that has control over all the happenings inside the body. The fascinating thing is the brain's ability to memorize things, and in this article, we will be talking more about tips to boost your brain's memory for UPSC. For such an extreme exam as UPSC, Aspirants have to be mentally and physically fit. Physical fitness can be attained through regular sports, running, gym, etc. But where mental health is concerned, Aspirants don't know what the best way to be mentally fit is.

Being mentally fit means being clear of unwanted thoughts, avoiding stuff that harms brain functioning, and many other factors. The point here is staying mentally fit can help your brain work to its fullest, which will ultimately help you in boosting your memory. UPSC exam has a vast syllabus, so it becomes more difficult to remember things and, most importantly, to reproduce remembered things during the exam. Well, we will see things that will help you increase your memory power, so even if you are low on your memory, you can use these tips to memorise things faster.

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Top 10 Tips to Boost Memory for UPSC:

1. Meditation:

Meditation is the best way to relieve stress and improve your concentration. Many teachers and toppers suggest practicing meditation. As I have mentioned earlier, the main problem is not memorizing; the problem is recollecting the memorized thing accurately during the exam. Meditation can help to overcome such situations. Try to invest most of your resting hours into medication to purify your mind and keep heading forward.

2. Eat Healthy Food:

Eating healthy food also has a positive impact on your mental health. Try to take in as many veggies and fruits as possible. As per researchers eating veggies reduces memory loss. I'm not talking about having extra veggies on a pizza. Avoid junk food, eat healthily, and drink a lot of water daily.

3. Stay away from Toxins:

Stay away from intoxicants like cigarettes, liquor, tobacco, etc., as it damages you from within. A frequent smoker usually sees memory loss and physical ability, so stay away from these things. It can even disturb your sleep cycle, which would ultimately have a negative influence on your preparations.

4. Sleep:

Studying for UPSC is not an easy part. You have to manage time so that you can get adequate sleep. Make a well-organized timetable with the help of your teachers as it can help you study effectively. Sleep is the most important time for your mind to rest a little from a tight daily schedule. Even if you have got tons of things to take care of, make sure to devote some time to sleep.

5. Brain Exercises:

Brain exercise means involving your brain in doing activities. For example, you can try solving a Rubix cube, playing chess, taking IQ tests, playing sudoku, etc. We all know that it's impossible to study 24x7, so try to try these games during your leisure time. Doing frequent brain exercises can help in boosting your memory and help relieve some stress leading to a healthy mindset.

6. Regular Revisions:

Always make a habit of revising things by the end of the day. Like what you have studied, How many subjects have you completed so far, and what Syllabus is covered up till now? Etc. This will help you in tracking your progress and also help in expanding your memory. Revising more and more naturally improves the ability to recollect knowledge accurately.

7. Teaching - A way of learning:

Teaching is the best way to recollect things surely does not mean you should start teaching in an institute, but you should at least try to teach your siblings, if not your friends and people around you. This will help you in brushing your knowledge. This is also a way to increase self-confidence and problem-solving skills, two very important key skill sets required in UPSC aspirants.

8. Mnemonics:

It is the best way to reduce lengthy topics and make them short and precise using abbreviations or acronyms. You can use as many as them as per your creativity and way of memorising things. Nowadays, you get mnemonics available on the internet; you can try using those to fit lengthy topics in your head.

9. Make learning fun:

Don't be a bookworm or some parrot. It will make it more difficult to memorize things. So try learning in a fun way rather than just simply studying in a sophisticated manner. History is the best example of learning in a fun way. Every topic in history has its own story. Try to take these topics as stories. Find it out by yourself. You can remember stories more easily than just reading sophisticated text.

10. Socialize:

Just because you are preparing for UPSC does not mean cutting off from society; if you take that route, you will end up alone. Talking to your parents would be a decent task and the least you should do. Try sharing your experience and problems during preparation. It will not boost your memory but help keep your mind stable and healthy.


We have seen ten tips to boost your mind and memory for UPSC. These tips work if you practice them regularly. Try to focus on maintaining your health while preparing for the exam. You can join The Thought Tree for better UPSC preparation. Getting sick during your preparations is the worst part you could have imagined. In extreme cases, you would have to give up your exams. So take good care of yourself and all the best for your exams.

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