Top 10 Content Writing Courses Online

Top 10 Content Writing Courses Online

Many assume content writing is a newbie in the domain of writing. This is not true. Content Writing is a cavernous concept that encompasses creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, academic writing, and much more. Over the years, this concept of Content Writing, which was always there in pen and paper mode, changed and was seasoned to wield in online platforms as well. But, how to create content and deliver it to the targeted audience? There are some patterns and keystones that help you master this skill.

“Write drunk; edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway

Online Content Writing Courses enable you to learn this skill from the comfort of your home, with many courses even guiding their learners to get placed or freelance in this domain. For this, let us explore the top 10 content writing courses online with certification and some free of cost.

But, why should I learn Content writing?

The content writing industry is sprinting at a faster pace while creating zillions of job opportunities in different fields of work like IT, Media, e-commerce, and many more. Creating content for a targeted audience is the need of the hour for most business organisations to promote their goods and services online and offline as well. This shows that Content writing has its imprints in multiple streams of work. Hence, content writing skills, which can be acquired through the online content writing courses listed below would help you bag a good job with decent pay in this arena.

Top 10 content Writing courses online:

1. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin is a reputable institute that provides online courses in multiple streams like Technology, Writing, Law, Management, Data Analytics, etc. The online  content writing course from Henry Harvin has the following attributes:

  • The 9-in-1 course includes training, placement, Certification, internship, bootcamps, hackathons, e-learning, Gold membership in Henry Harvin writing academy, and projects. These are rendered through a structured and scientific pedagogy and ensure that each learner benefits to the maximum from this course.
  • The trainers for Henry Harvin’s online Content Writing course are adepts from the domain who through their dexterity help the learners acquire the relevant skills needed to perform well in the industry.
  • The training period for this course is 40 hours wherein the trainer takes you through the concepts, tools, and techniques in this domain.
  • Language skills, internet skills, content strategy, different types of writing, and content marketing are the major elements in the curriculum which makes this course one of the best online content writing courses.
  • Last but not least, two modules for soft-skill development and resume building to ascertain holistic transformation of the learner and be career-ready.

2. Udemy:

Udemy is an online platform for a blend of assorted courses in diverse streams. There are more than 20 content writing courses in diverse genres at Udemy. From writing blogs to marketing them, and freelancing, the online content writing courses from Udemy are many and the ratings for each course give us the idea to choose the best amongst them.

The course fee for each course is different and spans from INR 799 to INR 3499.

In addition to this, Udemy also offers one free online content writing course that carries a rating of 3.6.

3. Coursera-top 10 content Writing courses online:

Coursera is another online platform for courses in multiple domains. It provides gazillions of courses related to the content writing and marketing Genre. To be precise, there are 71 online content writing courses on Coursera.

The course duration is different for different courses, some can be completed within 1 to 4 weeks while some are for 3-6 month courses. Two courses on content marketing and canva designing are free online courses as well.

4. FutureLearn:

FutureLearn is supposedly the digital platform that provides a facility for the learners to earn credits for a degree in University through the digital mode. It, in collaboration with many Universities in the UK, provides courses in multiple streams of work. Many content writing courses like copywriting, Fiction writing, poetry, screenwriting, and content marketing are popular courses.

The duration and course fee for these online content writing courses vary with the nature of the course. Above all, these courses are provided by different Universities and there is an awesome facility to track the learning progress as well.

5. Web Training:

Web Training specialises in Digital marketing and web technologies. Content development, marketing, service delivery models, promotional aspects, and solution offering are a few of the concepts that learners can accomplish through this online content writing course.

100% placement support is given to learners to realise their dream of good content developers and marketers. The curriculum suits beginners as well as writers with medium exposure in the domain and inculcates, blog writing, proposal writing, PR writing, Social Media Writing, and website content writing.

6. Digital Academy 360:

Digital Academy 360 started as a Digital marketing training academy and gradually proliferated to related domains like content writing, Graphic design, Animation courses, and so on. The online Content Writing course from DigitalAcademy360 covers an extensive curriculum and many tools. Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Content, Web, Content, and Case Studies are the major areas for learning.

One of the most unique aspects of this online content writing course is that from the start of the course itself, the learners are allowed to work part-time with their partnered corporations. Case studies, LMS, bootcamps, and projects are the add-ons of this course. These facets make this course one of the best among the top 10 content writing courses online.

7. IIM Skills - Top 10 content writing courses online:

IIM Skills developed from educational blogs that transformed the whole unit to provide content writing courses. The online content writing course from IIM Skills covers an elaborate curriculum and more than 10 tools to help learners accomplish the relevant skills in the domain.

The course duration is 140 hours and 3 months of internship which is optional. State-of-art LMS, recorded videos of sessions, case studies, and assignments are a few of the strong points of this course.

8. ECT- Education and Career Times:

ECT is a government-recognized online education provider. Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Technical writing, and Personality Development are the major course provided at this institute. This online content writing certificate course is a 3-month course that covers the training, assignments, and projects to ensure a complete upskilling of their learners.

The course is an all-inclusive course with Vocabulary, tips, and tools in content writing, different writing skills, and monetizing these skills.

9. Contented:

Based in New Zealand, Contented provides courses in the digital writing domain. These online certificate content writing courses are dedicated to upskilling the learners to develop targeted audience-friendly content. This course is one of the sought-after online courses in the content writing domain and has a lot to offer through the course.

10. Fast Info Class:

Fast Info Class is an online tuition provider for both undergraduates and graduates. This online certificate content writing course is a simple yet elegant course at multiple levels. The course covers Fundamentals, Grammar, writing tools, Technical content, Press releases, and much more in its curriculum. Proofreading and SEO are also incorporated in this course.

Final Thoughts on top 10 content writing courses online:

Content Writing course is an evolving domain and new tools get added to the old set regularly. Your flair for writing in combo with these new and updated tools can help mark your indelible presence digitally. The online content writing courses help you understand and develop the skills to reach your audience sleekly. The above list of top 10 content writing courses online is just a small crumb among countless other online certificate content writing courses. Most of the courses encompass the relevant concepts and tools elaborately. You can choose the course based on your requirements. Happy learning!


1. Is content writing an easy task?

ANS: Yes and No, Content writing is not an easy task, but with the tools used in this domain, it is not a difficult task either.

2. Can I do a content writing course after BCom?

ANS: Yes, you can do a Content writing course after BCom. There are no prerequisites to doing an online content writing course.

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