The Pros and Cons of Using Media recruitment Agencies

Pros and Cons of Using Media recruitment Agencies by Viral Anchor

Social media undoubtedly plays a great role in today's recruiting process. Due to the presence of social media, the recruitment process has adopted vast modernity significantly. If you also want to incorporate modernity in the recruiting process by utilizing the social media platform, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explain in detail how social media can be impactful for your recruitment agency. Check here for a helpful resource for top media recruitment agencies.

Pros of incorporating social media in recruitment strategy:

1. Social media introduces a vast talent pool:

Social media allows the employees to meet with a vast talent pool. Social media is the platform using which you can reach a large number of candidates at a time. So, it requires less effort and time. You can attract your right audience after analyzing the profile and job experience of the candidates via social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is very much effective to find out the most suitable candidates for your company utilizing the social media platform rapidly.

2. Social media does not charge:

Social media is the platform that allows you to post your job description free of cost. It is of great benefit for a start-up business that is not ready to invest largely in the recruitment process from the very start. To attract talented candidates via social media, you only need to create an appealing job description and that's it. This is one of the most advantageous strategies for a start-up business to have the best candidates spending minimum. You also may check a helpful resource for top media recruitment agencies.

3. Help the employers to stay away from discrimination:

For both the agencies and the company employers, a common recruitment process seems a lengthy and time-taken procedure. However, content uploaded on a candidate's social media account, such as status updates, tweets, and comments, can provide understanding about their personality as well as demonstrate their viewpoints on a variety of topics. People are more comfortable on social media than they are in an interview, giving HR managers the opportunity to search for unethical attributes and discriminating behaviour, which is not expected for a reputable organisation.

4. Social media reveals a deep knowledge about the candidates:

With an increasing number of people using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the number of organizations considering social media sites for future employees is also rapidly increasing. While a standard CV only offers a tiny amount of information, a potential employee's social media sites provide access to their job, personality, interests, and so on. Some applicants use their social media profiles to display their work experience to the audience reflecting their professional capabilities.

Drawbacks of social media in the recruitment process:

With the multiple benefits of utilizing social media in recruitment agencies, there are certain drawbacks too.

1. There is a privacy concern:

Looking for applicants on social networking sites may appear innocent to those who work in the recruiting sector. Job seekers often deny the belief that ignoring social media or maintaining a phoney or impartial profile is a need for landing a decent job. Despite the fact that the internet is essentially a public space, some people are uneasy with employees accessing their accounts because they believe them to be their 'personal bubbles.

2. Issues of coordination:

The preference for HR teams to emerge as a result of depending on social media for recruitment is another effect. Undoubtedly, an employer favors employees who have a strong social media appearance leading to many followers over others who are less active online.

3. Information is either missing or inadequate:

People who are looking for work at the start of their career are likely to have at least one social media account. However, there is a small minority of people who do not. A thorough recruitment process should be fair and non-discriminatory in terms of people's social media likings, preferences. The fact, how people use social websites differs from person to person adds to another disadvantage of utilizing it to choose employees. It reveals a question mark about the accuracy of the method to gauge personality.

4. Social media doesn't make employees reach the updated one:

People might change their perspective over the course of a year, a month, or even a week. Writers who published a sloppy blog piece two years ago may have significantly improved their skills since then. The content on a candidate's social media pages matters in the same way. They may have improved their skill now. In such cases, choosing the right candidates becomes a difficult task as they don't feel like updating their profile information or working experience always.

Although social media can be a very powerful tool for conducting an initial background check, it can also provide employers with information that may incorrectly impact our decisions. But in consequence, it is ineffective to use it as a recruitment technique on its own. So, to improve the hiring process of your recruitment agency, you must consider both the positive and negative factors of using social media as a tool of the hiring process. So, you should consider the matter discussed above. To cope with your competitors you must know how they utilize social media in their successful recruitment strategies. Visit here the helpful resource for top media recruitment agencies.


  1. The staff can connect with a large talent pool thanks to social media.
    The tool that allows you to communicate with several candidates at once is social media.
    As a result, it takes less time and effort.
    By examining the profiles and work histories of applicants on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, you can draw in the right audience.
    Utilizing social media platforms quickly to identify the best applicants for your company is incredibly beneficial.

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