Overnight Desert Safari - A Welcoming Arrival in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari - A Welcoming Arrival in Dubai

Your vacations in Dubai are incomplete without visiting its conservation reserve. Planning a trip to such places as desert safari requires assistance. Therefore, choosing travel planners like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC makes the journey hassle-free.

Dubai being a globally renowned tourist attraction remains busy with travelers the whole year. From skyscraping Emirates to deep blue seas, the city reflects exceptional beauty that nowhere else can be witnessed. Take its phenomenal desert and plan an itinerary with Happy Adventures Tourism. Thereby, discover the striking beauty of golden dunes.

Here we are highlighting some of the amenities which we experienced under the guidance of Happy Adventures Tourism hosts, in our evening or overnight desert safari. Whether you are accompanied by friends, family, or on a solo trip. A night expedition along with good assistance will make your journey to the Arabian desert an epic one!

Experience Life in an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Get Picked up in a 4x4:

Get ready for a pick-up at your doorstep right after sundown in the overnight or evening desert safari. A licensed off-road driver takes you right from your pickup point to the majestic terrain of Dubai. You can also choose a tourist bus or a private car via the Happy Adventures Tourism itinerary. Their drivers are well-skilled not only for driving off-road but also for providing first-aid in case of any emergency. So head out to the most amazing adventure and safe adventure ever, under enthusiastic hosting.

2. Soak up in Gloom:

Absorb the stillness of the calm ambiance of the dunes at night. Then wake up to the compelling views of the sunrise. There’s a lot more to discover in this exquisite landscape. Whether it’s a crescent in the sky, or a full moon lightened up, the wilderness is breathtaking. The unseen wildlife, the dynamic sand ripples, and the shooting stars. Together with the exquisite flora and fauna of the golden dunes, these elements make up the majestic landscape of the overnight desert safari. Experience the silent harmony of the night at the Arabian dunes, that you might have never experienced before!

3. Terrain Sports for Thrill-seekers:

If you are looking for an ultimate thrilling experience, your wait is over the second you enter the land of nomads! Off the high dunes, there you go drifting heavy-duty terrain vehicles in the desert safari. You might have heard about dune bashing since it is quite famous where you could see the golden arena realm of the big red dunes of Arabia. The drive across bumpy dunes is undoubtedly quite thrilling. Professional drivers will give you a ride in a 4×4 SUV taking a maximum of five people.

You couldn't miss quad biking before getting training by skilled personnel. Don't be afraid as these terrain SUVs are equipped with roll cages and safety kits ensuring the rider's full protection. So what are you waiting for? Tighten your seat belt for the most mind-boggling experience you’ll ever have!

4. Ride Over the Incredible Carriers:

Fun-loving folks, especially kids, get fascinated by sandboarding. Test your balancing skills by surfing recklessly on a sandboard. Show your maneuvers to people if you are a surfer. Quench a wanderer’s thirst in you by exploring the vast sand ocean on a camel’s back. You must not come back from the Arabian desert without riding its ancient ships.

5. Explore and Get Inspired:

Desert safari is a quintessential land that exposes visitors to the aesthetic Arabian culture. Whether it is tattooing beautiful designs on your hands or donning the traditional kandura dress of Arabs. You’ll find this place quite culture-centric. Wear the traditional Arabian outfits and get some chic snaps of yourself! There’s also a falcon show going on at the campsite that gives a quite realistic insight into the Arabian hunting heritage.

6. Scream at the Exotic Dance:

The unforgettable vista is waiting for you in the overnight desert safari. The dynamic entertainment and joyful night are accompanied by energizing sand sports. In between the Arabian dunes you'll witness the exciting colors of nightlife that will stay with you in your memory forever! You'll get to know the Arabian culture in its truest form where artists will blow you away with their live stage performances at the dunes.

Moreover, you'll get the chance to enjoy the famous stickmen stunts, Arabian Tanura dance, belly dance, and fire show. All of which are performed under a single roof to amaze you off the ground!

7. Consume a Delightful Dinner:

Desert safari in Dubai is an ultimate luxury spot for foodies where they can enjoy a mouthwatering feast in a nomadic arena. You will get a huge variety of international meals in combination with Arabian food ready for you in a buffet.

Not to forget the luxurious range of super refreshing drinks. Including beverages, mocktails, soft drinks all freely accessible. Aren't they more than enough to satisfy your cravings?

You could enjoy the coziest time relaxing on the couch while lying on the sand bed having delicious dates with sips of Arabian coffee. Tea, snack, hookah, and shisha are few other traditional Arabian regimes that you could enjoy in modern customs.

8. Surreal Camping Experience:

The campers would find the majestic Arabian desert quite a welcoming place for them. Camping at night is the ultimate goal of the backpackers because here, their dreams come true! A sleepless night at the colorful campsites while gazing at the gleaming galaxies. Could you ask for more?

The Bedouin-inspired camps took us to an old vacay in which a nomad left his traces during his passage in front the Arabian desert. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us super cozy camping facilities that were available. And the aesthetic bonfire was enough to take a sleep from our eyes!


Your amazing venture to the desert safari ends with a refreshing breakfast. Leave the dunes with drowsy eyes and a tranquil soul. Grab a good overnight itinerary as we did by reaching out to Happy Adventures Tourism. This would make your limited hours at the dunes, utterly untroubled.


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