Outdoor Hiking Gear Turned into Fashion

Outdoor Hiking Gear Turned into Fashion

Different clothes have different purposes. Some are meant for comfort and heavy-duty tasks, while others are ideal for aesthetics. But when both are merged, it's a fantastic combination of practicality and style! Such fashion items include trendy outdoor hiking clothes like khaki cargo pants, leather boots, and quilted gilets. These are only some of the many well-loved trends of all times that never go out of style. Today, let's talk about these outdoor fashion trends and how one can style hiking clothes.

Outdoor Fashion Trends and What They Are:

An outdoor fashion trend is exactly what it sounds like- fashionable clothes meant to be worn outdoors. These clothing items are heavy-duty, can withstand harsh weather and environments, and provide comfort during strenuous exercise and activities. Plus, they look good!

These may be boots, jackets, shirts, or pants. Even fanny packs that were once a builder's essential are now a part of street fashion. Down jackets, old-school traditional hiking boots, and thick-pile fleece are some other common outdoor fashion trends that you'll see quite often.

The one thing that's common among all outdoor fashion trends is how practical yet aesthetically-pleasing they are. Outdoor fashion items are some of the most comfortable, functional, and stylish wardrobe-essentials. If you pair the right pieces, you can end up with a runway-worthy look!

Styling Outdoor Hiking Clothes for Fashion:

Let's now take a look at some of the trendy outdoor fashion items that you should try.

#1. Cargo Pants:

Have you ever seen models sport those really cool, fun pants with multiple pockets? You may have seen them with or without a belt. These are the khaki cargo pants. They were initially meant for hiking and other outdoor activities only until they slowly made their way into fashionable clothing items. They look casual, fun, and they're exceptionally comfortable!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wear the pants with a white shirt and amp it up with accessories, like a bag, a watch, a camouflage hat, or white shoes.

  • Put on a biker jacket and sneakers for a street outfit, add a cross-body fanny pack, and close the deal with a cap.

  • Pair your pants with your favorite t-shirt and add a bold pair of sunglasses, white sneakers, and accessories in your hand or your ears to make it look more fun.

#2. Fleece:

If you have ever been hiking or mountaineering, you would know the value of a thick-pile fleece. It's exceptionally warm and very comfortable during strenuous activities. And if you have noticed, they look pretty attractive as well! Obviously, fashion enthusiasts noticed that and added it to the runway.

Here are a few ways you can style a fleece effortlessly.

  • Fleece panels in contrasting colors like red and blue are a great way to experiment with color blocking. Pair it with Converse and neutral, pale jeans for a casual look.

  • You can also wear it minimally by choosing a subtle color and pairing it with a plain white t-shirt.

  • Oversize layering is an absolute treat with fleece. A collared fleece over a hoodie is the best way to go.

#3. Hiking Boots:

These leather boots are great for long-term wear and strenuous activities like hiking on rough paths under unexpected weather changes. But as useful and practical as they are, they can also be a fantastic styling item in your wardrobe.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative fashion sense going:

  • Pair your hiking boots with denim jeans, an oversized jacket, and a bright sweater underneath.

  • You can make it work for casual/formal meetings by pairing a collared shirt and a blazer with these hiking boots.

  • Layering a collared shirt with a gilet and straight pants will give you a good outfit to go with these shoes.

#4. Shell Jackets:

Shell jackets are probably the most basic hiking clothing items. But as simple as they are, they are extremely versatile. Waterproof shell raincoats are useful, but they're also very fun to style.

Here’s how you can style them:

  • An oversized shirt jacket is perfect to be layered on sweaters and hoodies.

  • You can pair a bright or bold shell jacket with your denim jeans for a laid-back look.

  • You can also pair it with a collared shirt underneath to go casual but appropriate for formal lunches. 


When it comes to outdoor fashion, don't be afraid to experiment. These clothes are comfortable and very fun to style, so you can let your fashion creativity lose. Feel free to pair items with anything and everything. See what looks better to you; experiment with colors and styles to identify your individual style preferences.


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