3 Ways to Keep Cattle Healthy and to Increase its Production

Ways to keep cattle healthy

One of the essentials to keep cattle healthy is water. You need to make sure that they have access to sufficient water no matter what time of the year it is. All around the world it becomes hard for the cattle to get sufficient water. This is because in countries with a predominantly cold weather the water sources can freeze at the time of winter. At times, mud may also make it impossible to drink from such water sources. For each 100 pounds of body weight these animals need around a couple of gallons of water each day. So, it is an important factor that you have to keep in mind no matter how the weather is.

Here are the 3 Ways:

1. More on the importance of sufficient water for your cattle:

You also need experienced cattle managers in these cases because the novice ones tend to think that just because these are animals they would make do with everything. It is the single biggest misconception that they can have in these cases. If the cattle do not get sufficient water on a regular basis it would be difficult for them to have the energy to feed and reach their fullest potential in terms of growth.

If your cattle are dehydrated there is a high chance that it would be susceptible to health risks such as impaction and colic. This is why you need to make sure that they get as much water as they need so that they can remain healthy for the longest time possible. The best thing that you can do in these cases is to get water tanks at close proximity to them.

2. Keep them well fed:

Do you want to know how to keep cattle healthy? If you are serious about the well being of your cattle you should feed them sufficiently as well. They can develop health issues if you neglect that particular part of their lives. You need to make sure that you deliver them sufficient food during the winter season otherwise they can become cold. This is because if they do not have enough energy they would not be able to generate sufficient body heat. In such cases their core temperature may drop and they could die as well.

3. Providing them proper shelter:

This is also one of the many ways to keep cattle healthy. It is all okay to let them roam around the pastures. There is plenty of space and lot of food as well. However, what happens when the weather outside gets inclement? You need to keep them safe. This is especially true in cases of storms and extremely hot weather, as is common in most parts of the country. If the cattle do not have a proper place where they know that they would find shelter they could panic, and this could be bad for them as well.

It is very important that your cattle are properly sheltered when it is out grazing. This can reduce the money you have to pay to buy cattle feed as well. In winter too you must keep this in mind as without proper shelter they would be cold and they would require more feed to get more energy in their system. You have plenty of options these days when it comes to sheds for your cattle. For example, you have sheds with three sides installed all across your pasture area. You should also keep listening to the weather forecast every day. Keep these points in view to ensure well-being of your cattle. You can always visit Viral Anchor for more relevant details in this regard.

Hope this primer has been of due help for you.

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