Top 19+ Surprising Carpet Cleaning Hacks from Experts

Carpet cleaning hacks

Have you decked up all the house floors in carpets for a cosy warm ambiance like home? Well, it’s good as it will keep your feet warm during winter months and nothing can ever rival with softness and cosiness of the carpet! Right?

On weekends you may enjoy your favourite book while relishing on a glass of red wine. May you take your pillow and lie on it close to the fireplace on a snowy night. True feeling of home can be received from a carpet if it can be well take care off!
Regardless of giving best effort, are you tired of witnessing the annoying stain marks and flattening look of the carpet? Then, read on to this blog to know top 20 tips of carpet cleaning hacks for long lasting like a pro without disturbing its fluffiness, softness and appearance.

1. Use roller for rescuing the carpet:

Have you ever experienced that despite of hard as well extensive cleaning of the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner there is still hairs, crumbs and crud stick to it? This problem is mainly faced with the long-fibred carpet which cannot tackle by the highly-efficient vacuum cleaner too. In such cases, you are advised to buy a lint roller to deal with it.

Put some elbow grease specifically in the problematic spots to collect those stubborn particles. Though it is entirely depended on the type of the carpet yet it is always advised not to spare more than 5 minutes to clean the entire masterpiece!

2. Remove the pet hair by using a squeegee:

Vacuum cleaner cannot handle the notorious pet hair. Lint roller may be useful to deal with this but only to some extent only. If it is about very small pet dander (hair) then squeegee can be your right assistant!

Although squeegee is meticulously designed for cleaning windows but it is incredible in dislodging frost and gunk from the thick surface. Similarly, it is also excellent in removing pet hair from the thin, soft, fluffy carpet fibres as well.

3. Get rid of stains by heat wax:

Several stain removal procedures check the intelligence and willpower of the homeowner to keep the carpet always like new. But as there is a school of thoughts encountering in your mind, stains can be removed by following the below-mentioned 3-step process.

Firstly, the stained spot must be vacuumed properly to ensure that only the stain is left over there. It is considered as a vital preparation work to remove the stains.

Secondly, the spots should be treated by a mixture of vinegar and water in the proportion of 1:3. Let it sit there for a while so that it can work properly on the stained textile. Minimum 5 minutes should be given.

Thirdly, a clean towel will be placed on the stained area for the application of the heated iron over it. The mixture pressure and heat pressure will result in transferring of the stain into the towel similarly to that of the reverse temporary water tattoo.

4. Always blot avoid rubbing:

Everybody is instinct for rubbing to make the dirt away from the carpet. Although rubbing is efficacious for most of the surfaces yet it is ineffective for carpet. It may end up with spreading of the dirt. There is a high probability of permanent discolouration of the fabric too in a particular spot.

Regardless of the cleaning solution used by you, it is important to know that only blotting can wash ways the stain including dirt properly from the fibre. Use a sponge or piece of cloth for exerting pressure and absorb the spot and other dirt.

Direction of blotting has also an integral role to play for the elimination of the spot. It must be done inwards from outwards so that it doesn’t get spread further anymore.

5. Application of homemade deep clean carpet cleaner hacks:

If you have own a carpet shampooing machine then you can get the deep cleaning detergents for ensuring proper care and look of the home’s masterpiece. But those are not an ideal option for the organic and healthy life of the carpet. It is always advisable that you must try to use the organic compounds which are less harmful for the carpet’s lifespan.

Take a gallon of hot water (not boiled) and add 2 scoops of fabric softener, 2 scoops of dish soap, 5-drop of essential oil, 1/4th cup of white vinegar and 3/4th cup of Hydrogen Peroxide.

It offers the same result which can be obtained from the store-bought products yet it will ensure the proper maintenance of the carpet. It can be used easily in the carpet shampooing machine as well.

6. Baking soda will combat the oil stains:

Oil stain is the most annoying one to eliminate from the carpet and sometimes it can’t be treated with dabbing too by with the hot water. Baking soda can be the most perfect companion in such instances. Just apply it liberally on to the stained area and leave it for some time.

Baking soda will absorb the stain completely by offering you a dry crust that is easily removable with a vacuum cleaner. As much of the oil stain has gone now dabbing can be performed to deal with the rest of the stain on the carpet fibres.

7. Pet accidents get masked by baking soda:

Use of baking soda is one of the best carpet cleaning secrets with lots of potentialities. If you have a housebreaking pet then, baking soda is really efficient to retain the new look of your carpet for long. Accidents may happen and you pet may end up with urination on to your favourite masterpiece!

What will you do then? Soon, there will be discolouration along with the release of foul smell from there. Apply baking soda immediately to the spot as it will absorb the smell along with blotting away with mess. From later on, must take your pet outside for a walk and urination.

8. Use a blunt knife for removing the nail polish stains:

May you don’t want to take the risk of applying rubbing alcohol on the carpets as it damages the dye and makes the look like post-bleaching while removing nail polish stains. These are not so effective in removing this stain type.

All you can do is to wait until the nail polish gets dried up completely. Later, it can be chipped off by using a blunt knife and followed by dabbing with a paper towel or a piece of cloth to dissolve the colour completely into the material.

9. Normal dirt stains can be solved by shaving cream:

Light-coloured carpets such as soft pastel hues, nude shades, white and yellow get dirty patches easily if laid down in a high traffic spot. Even careless accidents can stain it, leads to discolouration and accumulation of dust at the same time. May kids around be a trouble for you as it can make visible dirt and skid marks on it but don’t worry when there is shaving cream.

No matter how strong and old dirt normal stains are, just apply shaving cream on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. Later, the area must be rinsed off well. It will make the carpet so soft and much fluffier than it was before. That’s why shaving cream is regarded as the anti-aging cream for the carpets!

10.  Keep the carpet fresh with the help of baking soda:

When it comes to sprucing up of the carpet for any upcoming occasion then, baking soda is the best natural component to use. All you need to do is to prepare a mixture of essential oil (recommended number of drops is depended on the potent scent you want) with that of the baking soda.

Then, pour the solution into a spray bottle and sprinkle all over the carpet and wait for 5-10 minutes to vacuum it thereafter.

11.  Use homemade strong deodoriser for fresh smell of the carpet:

If you have pets and kids then it is obvious that your carpets will release foul smell due to extensive use of the flooring masterpiece. But using chemical loaded deodorants for carpet will be harmful for your pets and kids too. Therefore, you must try DIY carpet cleaning without a machine.

But before that you have to prepare the solution. Take a container and pour 2-tablespoon of Borax followed by 2-cup of baking soda and 10-drop of essential oil (of the pet-friendly and kid-friendly scent).

Bad smell will be absorbed by baking soda where as essential oil will keep it freshened and Borax keeps the carpet safe by killing microbes and germs. Furthermore, all these are natural component and will cause no harm to the children and pets at the same time.

12. Special care should be offered to the shag carpets:

Shag carpets are the exclusive masterpiece of the home and it is quite tricky to clean this carpet type as well. Even some vacuum are featured with such high suctioning option that its shed of the fibres, frizz it or loosen it too.

Hence, you are advised to vacuum the carpet with a hose attachment for simple cleaning. It will ensure its longevity in the long run without causing any damage to its weave.

13.  Apply vinegar for retaining the fluffiness of the carpet:

Just like baking soda, vinegar too has multiple uses when it is about ensuring proper maintenance and care of the carpet. Interestingly, it can be used for fluffing up the high traffic areas of the carpet which get totally flattened and possess wearing out like appearance.

Just prepare a solution of the vinegar and water and spray it on the affected spots. After the carpet absorbs the mixture entirely use a normal spoon for running it sideways of the carpeting for loosening the fibres and retaining its original texture.

14.  Restore the fluffiness of the carpet by ice cubes:

Ice cubes are excellent in restoring the fluffiness of the carpet fibres especially in those areas where you can find furniture impression. After possessing a varied arrangement for the entire room, you may see that the carpet has ended up with annoying imprints.

Don’t despair and apply ice cubes to such dent spots and wait till it gets melt. Later, blot up the excessive water and iron the area till it dries completely via placing a towel. Once the procedures are over, you can fluffover the pliable fibres again easily by hand.

15.  Put on shoe caps to keep the carpet clean:

Are you going to organise some party, occasion or gathering in your residence soon? Are you worried about conducting the event which will cause high foot traffic on the carpets? The damage can be minimised to a great extent by offering the guests with a pair of shoe caps.

It is incredible in blunting out the imprints of stilettos, running shoes and boots along with the dirt, soil and dust too inside the house. As much as you take prevention for your carpet it will be beneficial for its proper maintenance in the long run.

16.  Replace the high traffic area with area runners and rugs:

Fine carpets are the loveliest piece to show off while you have thrown any party or gatherings in your residence. However, such carpets are very delicate and need proper care. But high foot traffic can end up with its easy tearing and wearing down.

All you can do is to get some area runners and rugs and place it at the high traffic areas by replacing your favourite fine craftwork. Once the party is over just remove the runners and rugs and lay your own carpet again to its own place. This will not only prevent the carpet from getting torn but also saves much time from vacuuming the finest piece.

17. Gum vs. Ice:

Gum isn’t a good thing to get winded up in the carpet. Moreover, it seems utmost impossible to eliminate it from any fibre completely. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be eradicated at all. The problem is that when a gum is stick to the fibre it is soft and most people stretch it from there resulting in more damage to its fibres. Instead, wait till it gets hardened. You may apply ice cube over it too so that it hardens or freezes immediately so that it can be scrapped off completely and easily with a blunt-ended spoon. This will not cause any damage to the fibre of the carpet at the same time.

18.  Agitate the carpet by a carpet brush:

If you are worried regarding how to deep clean carpet by hand then, a carpet brush can be your ideal companion in eradicating pollutants, dust and soil from it. But prior to use the brush apply some elbow grease for scrubbing and agitating it.

Once the agitation is over, run the vacuum cleaner all over the floor to collect the loose pollutants and dirt. You should perform this once a week so that the look of the carpet doesn’t affected by the setting in of the dust and dirt and making it utmost dingy.

19.  Process the carpet with club soda:

If you know that club soda is efficient in removing the stains of wine and beer from the carpet then it is absolutely true. But you have to know the right tricks of applying to remove the stains from your favourite carpet. At first, the stained area should be blotted with a pieces of cloth dipped in club soda.

If the stain is too deep then you can make a small amount of solution by blending water and white vinegar. Shake the solution well and fill it into a sprayer. Spray it in the spotted area and leave it to sit for about 15 minutes.

Now use a clean sponge to blot or dab the area so that the solution entirely gets absorbed by the sponge along with stains. It must be done quite a few times to remove the stains completely from the carpet. After that, the area should be rinsed off well with lukewarm water then, brush it fibres in the natural direction.

At last, lay white paper towels over rinsed spot and keep it in an inclined position. This will help the towel to absorb the dampness and wetness of the carpet. Keep it in such a place where it can get dried up fully. Your carpet is ready to use again!

20.  Deep clean the carpet with steam cleaning:

Carpet cleaning periodically is vital for keeping it new and fresh. Though there are numerous washing methods to clean the carpet yet steam cleaning is the most efficient one. It is so; because it cleans the masterpiece deeply by injecting the cleaning solution into the fibres through pressurised water-jet nozzles.

It will be followed by extracting the debris and dirt dissolved solution from it. The water and the solution penetrate the fire to eliminate deposition of grease, oil and loosen the embedded soil. As per the expert, every carpet type should be undergone deep cleaning once in every 6 months.

Now as you get to know how to clean carpet at home, make sure that you are following it at a fixed interval of time for prolonging the lifespan of the carpet.

These are 20 crucial tips to clean a carpet in your home only but like a pro. Always try to make use of organic compound while washing your carpet instead of store-bought products. This is so; because they are loaded with harsh chemical compounds which damage the fibre, colour and look of the carpet and harmful for your pet and kids too.

These are the trickiest way not hassled ones. So, make sure that from today you will always keep your carpet clean and fresh. Even you can hire the professionals of Ryan Carpet Cleaning; the leading carpet cleaning services provider in London. The team will ensure to take proper care of your carpet along with other furniture and upholsteries.
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