8 Things to Expect for the Future of Mechanical Engineering

8 Things to Expect for the Future of Mechanical Engineering

The expert knowledge and skills a mechanical engineer possess are in higher demand with every passing day. As a mechanical engineer, you are guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms in most of the growing industries because with a higher consumer demand comes the requirement to be highly efficient and sustainable. This article will place eight different industries under the spotlight so you can understand the crucial roles mechanical engineers play in each field.

The employment rate of mechanical engineers is predicted to rise by 7 percent from the decade 2020 to 2030. Each year, on average, over this period, approximately 20,000 employment opportunities are expected for engineers in this demanding field. In brief, mechanical engineers are the brilliant brains behind the designing, development, and building of power-producing machines such as electrical generators, internal combustion engines and so much more.

Here are 8 things you can expect for the future of mechanical engineering:

1) Electric Vehicles (EVs):

The enormous pressure on the automobile industry to use alternative energy sources has given rise to electric vehicles. As a result of the transition from combustion engines to battery-based power systems, there is a dire need for top mechanical recruitment companies and their role is more crucial than ever before. Their expert knowledge and skills are needed in areas such as computational fluid dynamics, materials, and geometries response to forces and the interaction of humans with objects in their environment. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has emphasized the following areas that require specific attention from mechanical engineers.

  • Replacing various composites, aluminum alloys, and plastics with sheet-metal steel to reduce heat loss of an electric motor
  • Lithium-ion batteries for vehicles
  • Equipment to withstand vibrations and temperature variations
  • The designing, testing, and installation of various infrastructures supporting EVs

2) Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of materials at micro levels, and mechanical engineers are responsible for ensuring the implementation of durable sensors and sustainable manufacturing processes. Some areas engineers can dedicate their best efforts into include:

  • Creating stronger composites: The development of new materials like Graphene that target lighter weight and more strength will benefit electric vehicles and consumer electronics.
  • Developing energy storage infrastructures: The expertise of mechanical engineers is necessary for the success of the thriving renewable power sector. For example, they can utilize nanomaterials to create highly efficient batteries and photovoltaic cells for excess storage of solar energy.
  • Creating biomedical devices: The application of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses such as certain cancers has made it a game-changer in the field of medicine. Mechanical engineers can put together their knowledge and technical skills to tackle the most prominent challenges in this industry

3) Manufacturing:

The mounting pressure in this sector to increase the efficiency of production with minimum operating costs has risen the demand for new and innovative technologies. Mechanical engineers are at the forefront using their proficient knowledge in automation and robotics to assist manufacturing industries to meet consumer demands while maximizing profits.

4) Sustainability:

In every industry, there is a growing demand for sustainable practices, therefore, mechanical engineers have numerous opportunities to create products and equipment for manufacturing processes that incline towards sustainability. The future of mechanical engineers revolves around developing machines that use renewable sources like solar and wind energy. In addition, they can create solutions that are resource-friendly for manufacturers, explore innovative waste management and recycling options. Nowadays, a strong emphasis is placed on sustainable engineering to minimize environmental impact, and mechanical engineers are the key professionals.

5) Biomechatronics:

The rapidly increasing demand for the development of robots fuels the rising demands of having mechanical engineers in the team. Biomechatronics uses knowledge from biology and mechatronics to imitate the movements of the human body. A vast majority of the work involves designing and testing various devices and prototypes. Mechanical engineers are essential for designing and testing out devices like mechanical sensors, controllers, and actuators.

6) Aerospace:

In recent decades, this industry has witnessed plenty of innovations and discoveries. The demand for proficient mechanical engineers with expert knowledge and technical skills is increasing day by day. The crucial roles they play include areas of designing, manufacturing, testing, and research & development. For instance, to enhance the design and efficiency in systems, they apply their knowledge of the principles of physics to aeromodelling and dynamics.

7) Construction:

In this sector, the role of mechanical engineers is to design systems in the buildings for ventilation, smoke ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. They have a wide range of projects including shopping malls, offices, universities, and hospitals. In addition, they also take on other technical discipline responsibilities in coordination with the requirements of their clients.

8) Defense:

Mechanical engineers in this sector design, develop, and test complex mechanical systems. This is accomplished by using 3D modeling and a wide range of analyses tools that ensure the thermal properties, mass, production, structural integrity, equipment cost, and assembly are aligned to the operating environments of land, sea, and air.

Other Industries

  • Chemical
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Materials and Metals
  • Rail

As you have read, mechanical engineers are highly valuable in every industry ranging from automobile to defense industry. This field has an enormous scope because of people’s rising demands and the need to sustain the planet’s limited resources. In a nutshell, the effectiveness and efficiency of numerous industries lie in the hands of mechanical engineers.


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