8 Exercises for Incredible Grip Strength

Exercises for Incredible Grip Strength

Our regular activities involve different types of movements. Our hands are the first point of contact with any living or non-living object. Gripping strength is very important to hold an object correctly. But with ageing, our grip strength and forearm strength get weaker, but you can prevent them from deteriorating through exercise. But in most cases, we have seen that grip and forearm strengthening exercises are neglected from a workout program. But we should not skip it. For individuals who lift heavyweight, the grip capacity is the prime thing. Thus grip strength exercise is necessary. In this article, we will talk about some excellent grip exercises. To know more, read this article till the end.

Some common sign of strong grip:

  • A good handshake is the first sign of a firm handshake. It shows confidence within you. A handshake not only shows confidence but also represents you as a serious person. By the way, strong grip strength does not mean you are going to squeeze the hands of the opposite person.
  • Open a jar easily. If you open a stuck jar easily, it means you have a strong grip. Though it is a highly underrated example, you must take it seriously to check your gripping strength.
  • A Strong grip strength is important for many games or exercise activities. If you lift dumbbells or practice weight lifting exercises, then you must have strong grip strength. If you want to shape your arm, you have to perform some exercise where gripping strength is the must-have thing.
  • If you are a new parent of your baby, then you must have a strong grip because you need to hold a fussy toddler. To hold your baby comfortably, you must have a strong holding capacity.
  • If you are the owner of a large dog, then it is difficult to hold on to the leash when he wants to go out.
  • There is a strong neurological link between our grip strength and shoulder strength. If you have a stronger gripping capacity, then you can lift heavy loads during the exercise.

Incredible exercises for your strong grip:

There is some effective exercise you can practice to strengthen grip hold. Some exercises can be done while seated at your office desk, and others require special equipment from the exercise centre.

If you add one or two of them into your regular workout regime, you will gradually develop a strong grip.

Standing cable rows with a towel:

It will be performed by doing a cable row with a towel instead of the joint handle. Take a small towel and knot like a thread. Stand steadily on the floor, keep your spine straight with your feet planted on the floor. Grip your towel with your palm facing upward, and take it out towards the belly button while keeping your elbows to the rib cage.

Reverse Curls:

It is a very effective exercise to enhance grip strength and forearm strength. You can exert your strength against the EZ-curl bar with the palm-down grip. Hold your elbows near the rib cage and lift the heavy loads by fetching up with the upper portion of the hands. For higher intensity, lift the weight for a minimum of two seconds, then lower it for 3-4 seconds. Do 10-12 reps, rest for 45-60 seconds and then start again for the next two sets.

Fingertip Push-ups:

When doing sit-ups, bridge your hands on the floor so that your fingertips remain only as of the point of contact. Do as many push-ups as possible until your hands get tired, drop your knees first, then wait for the final fatigue. Take rest for 60-90 seconds and then do the same steps two-three times again.

Farmer’s walk with weight plates:

Though its name is farmer’s walk, it efficiently develops core strength while you walk, and it is a very potent grip strengthening exercise when you use correct weight plates. Grasp the edge of the weight plate with a pinch grip ( Fingers on one side, thumb on another side) and squeeze the weight as much as possible. Start walking approximately 30 feet, then take a “ U” turn and walk back to the initial position. Next set the weights down, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat for three sets.

Bottom-up Kettlebell shoulder presses:

This exercise is a great option to assimilate grip and shoulder strength together. Grasp a kettlebell with your hand. The bottom is facing up to the ceiling. Try to choose a lighter weight than normal weight. Squeeze handles as hard as possible, push the weight up overweight. Do six to-10 reps, rest 90 seconds, then complete another two-three set.

Rubber band exercise:

This activity should effortlessly be possible at work during work hours or at home on the lounge chair. Weave an elastic band around the fingers and work on opening and shutting the hands. Do however many reps as could be allowed to weariness, rest 60 seconds and rehash a few times.

These are the eight effective exercises to improve grip strength. You can perform any of two to grasp objects strongly without the incident of slip.


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