What are the Top Industries that Benefit from Influencer Marketing?

Industries that Benefit from Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, there is a term called ‘influencer marketing’ that is capturing the limelight of the entertainment industry as well as marketing. Most of the big brands are already using it. Moreover, many start-ups and already grown-up companies will also tend to use it and increase the budget of influencer marketing by 55% till 2022.

Do you know the reason behind this?

There are many benefits that brands get from influencer marketing.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

There is one crucial question that comes across many times, which is:- “Do companies benefit from influencers?” The answer for this lies in this blog.

Influencer marketing is driven by the influencers, who are popularly known as content creators over social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. The influencers have millions of followers, and most of their followers consist of ordinary people. Not only the followers but also the influencers themselves belong from an ordinary background. They have the reputation of the boy next door or a girl next door.

Also, their content is mostly based on real-life and the areas that revolve around the people. It is the reason that most of the audience connects with them. There are many ways through which a company gets benefits from influencer marketing.

  1. Trust: Since the audience trusts the influencers, they will also trust the brand promoted by the influencers. So, these influencers can be very beneficial in case we want to have a deep impact on the viewers.

  2. Pocket-friendly: Endorsement by celebrities might cost more than the budget but, the influencers are available at all ranges from thousands to lakhs. Therefore, they are more cost-effective than the celebs.

  3. High ROI: ROI stands for Return on Investment. It is a term used to describe your overall result as per the money you invested. ROI is slightly higher in the case of influencers with an exceptional 5% to 13%.

  4. Goals become achievable: Either you want to create brand awareness or boost sales, you can achieve it without much effort with the help of influencers. Influencer marketing entirely lies under the umbrella of digital marketing.

  5. Ease to the target audience: One can get the influencers from various niches depending upon their product. Fitness brands can get the gym freaks influencers, brands selling beauty products can get beauty bloggers and vloggers easily, and many more. So, it becomes easy to target the audience without much effort.

  6. Long-term partnerships: Yeah, you can expect long-term partnerships with the influencers. If you want an influencer who will endorse your product constantly then you can get it without much cost.

Now, you are aware of the benefits that influencer marketing provides. Next are the industries that use these influencers to market their brands. There are many of them. Let us look at them.

Influencer market – How much amount business happening now?

The influencer market is enormous now. With almost every brand taking the help of influencers, it is growing day by day. Not only this, the influencer market is increasing every year at CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate). Now, most companies will increase their influencer market budget by more than 62% they invested last time. It is all because of the high ROI they achieve through it.

The influencer market is expected to reach Rs. 900 crores by the end of 2021 through the reports of GroupM INCA reports. Furthermore, it is expected to rise at the rate of 25% compound every year. Thus, it will make it reach Rs. 2,200 crores by the end of 2025.

Which industries use influencer marketing the most?

Almost every industry is now making its transition into influencer marketing. But amongst them, several industries are consistently dependent on influencer marketing. It is because these industries have the majority of influencers with this niche. They include:-

  • Travel: Most of the travel industries appoint influencers to promote their brand. They even offer the influencers to have a free trip. The experiences of the trip can be uploaded to the post of the influencers with the campaign as sponsorship. It boosts brand recognition, and more than 80% of travel agencies experience an extraordinary result through influencer marketing.

  • Beauty: Many female influencers work on the niche of beauty. They market beauty products. The brands give them free products so that they can shoot a try-on haul and share their genuine experience with the consumers. The audience trusts the viewpoints of the influencers and it booms the overall performance of the brand through a single promotional post.

  • Fashion: Again, another industry that takes the help of influences is the fashion industry. The majority of the campaigns are try-on-haul and reviews by the influencers. When the consumers look at the actual product on the influencer, they trust the brand.

  • Food products: Many businesses are setting up around food products and beverages. The most common among them is organic food. Many influencers care about their health and work upon niches like fitness and lifestyle. The food industry is best-suited for such influencers. Most of the campaigns that influencers follow for promoting food products are giveaways and contests. It is also a proven beneficial ultimatum that companies follow.

  • Technology: Just like Technical Guruji from the YouTube industry, there are many more influencers that work in the tech niche. The tech companies approach these influencers to endorse their brands. The most commonly used campaign for these is unboxing or reviewing. It is the best way to tell the audience about the pros and cons of the product. Later, it depends upon the audience to choose the relevant product from them.

  • Finance: Either stock marketing, investment, or earning money apps, finance-based companies are also using influencers as a paid partnership. For example, we can see the majority of the influencers discussing Cashkaro apps in their social media posts. You can also check the video of Rocket Algo, a trading app, sharing its content with the help of an influencer over YouTube through the rocket algo youtube.

How to get influencers for influencer marketing?

Since digital marketing came into the picture soon, with almost all the online businesses adopting it in their daily practice to boost the business, it is the same for influencer marketing. The brands are slowly getting more and more involved in influencer marketing. But, there is a challenge that they face in this. It is the challenge of getting the desired influencer at a convenient price.

Many times, there is no response from the influencers through social media platforms. The influencers stay busy with their daily schedule which in turn makes it difficult to reply to everyone personally. But, they try to have a connection with all of their followers. In such a scenario, it becomes challenging for the brands to get an influencer.

For this, the businesses can approach the Creative influencer marketing agency  like Celefi to promote their brands. It has numerous genuine influencers based on niche. Also, filtering them will be time-saving. You do not need to go through the profile of each one. Just apply a few filters, and you can get the influencer in your field. Apart from being time-saving, it is cost-saving also. You can expect rates lower than the market price, depending on your budget.

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