FunctionFox – An Overview of the Software

functionfox software overview

What is FunctionFox software? Who is it designed for? How much does it cost? Read on this overview to see how this project management software works, a tour of features, pricing, and integration. We will also discuss what problems this software can solve and who is using it. Let’s get started!

Meet FunctionFox!

FunctionFox software is an intuitive online tool for recording time and expenses, keeping quotes, as well as managing customers and projects. Designed for creative professionals, this software streamlines all your business processes. This way, it helps to increase productivity and profitability. Thus, providing you and your team with a better way to perform time tracking and project management activities.

FunctionFox has been around for nearly 20 years and started before SaaS. The company is based in the sun-filled city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada The software was developed as a solution by a creative agency for internal tracking of time and project management problems.

From those small beginnings, today this software has grown into an indispensable tool for creative professionals. About more than 100,000 users in more than 120 countries around the world have been using this innovative software today.

The FunctionFox demo describes the software as online project management and timesheet software. It is designed for creative professionals such as:

  • Advertising

  • Graphic design

  • Marketing

  • Public relations

  • Multimedia companies

This software allows you to monitor multiple jobs, assign tasks, and manage all your remote workers. Most importantly, FunctionFox helps you keep projects on track and within budget.

Who is FunctionFox Software Suitable for?

FunctionFox software was developed primarily for creative professionals. It works well for individual consulting, creative agency teams, and in-house creative groups.

However, those who rely on accurate timekeeping and easy project management for profitability have discovered the benefits of using this platform. All members of the creative team can benefit from using it. In fact, many FunctionFox reviews have mentioned that the software is ideal for freelancers, consultants, designers, writers, production and project managers, and administrative staff.

The Wonderful Features of FunctionFox:

This software is widely used because it offers some wonderful features for many businesses. Below are some amazing features you can get from FunctionFox software.

  • Project supervision: This feature helps you to control all the details. You can use CEO Desktop to track budgets and quotes or view the status and productivity. You can also view your clients, projects, expenses, productivity, custom fields, and more. All at a glance.

  • Easy account settings and customization options: You can set up FunctionFox software according to your preference and customize it easily. The learning curve comes with plenty of flexibility, custom fields. Meanwhile, the status options are brief, easy, and very comfortable.

  • Timesheet with a stopwatch timer: The timesheet feature is easy to fill out. You can choose to display only the clients, projects, and tasks you need. Then, a stopwatch timer will guarantee accuracy.

  • Project template: The software offers a template to quickly duplicate a successful project in the past. This way, some similar project quotes will be more accurate and will let you save both time and money.

Communication and collaboration features:

Some FunctionFox reviews have proven that the software includes project blog features such as Flink document exchange, freelancer and contractor access rights, along with comment email notifications.

  • Customizable project request form: The creative teams would love to use the project request form from this software. They are fully customizable and will help you simplify the project process.

What about Integration?

FunctionFox software is an all-in-one solution for many businesses. The software already offers complete features so you would not need any integration with any other app.

The Benefits of Using FunctionFox:

This software is easy to set up and use, even for those who don't like timesheets. FunctionFox is a very effective and affordable project management software. Speaking of the benefits of using this software, there are many. Below are some of the most valuable benefits as mentioned in the FunctionFox demo.

Makes It Easier to Track Multiple Projects:

The software helps keep everyone on track, on budget, and on time. At the same time, the software helps to manage the myriad details of a project. This is quite challenging in a busy creative workshop for any business. It will be easy to misunderstand and get flickering details. Don't forget the fact that there might be actual charges and costs to exceed estimates.

The team communication capabilities from this software ensure that everyone on your project has the information they need to get the job done. You can get a view of budgets, quotes, and the current status for all projects. Most importantly, you will get instant access to reports on customers, projects, and staff.

Eliminates the Hassle of Time Tracking:

It is no secret that the creative mind is not set to love timesheets. One of the biggest management challenges faced by creative companies is getting people to record their activities accurately and on time.

On the other hand, without this input, it will be difficult to accurately plan and evaluate new projects or allocate work fairly. Even worse, it will be hard to manage multiple jobs at the same time and provide transparent feedback to customers. All these create a chain of disasters for companies that rely on on-time records for their business success.

Well, FunctionFox software allows you to record time quickly and easily. In the end, it will help reduce the inaccuracies in allocating time to customers and projects.

Helps You to Effectively Manage Resources:

It is a big challenge to get everyone to work efficiently without overloading some people or letting others look for tasks. Even if you look like a busy agency, it can make a big difference in productivity for each employee. Appointments are postponed, appointments are overlooked, and as result, the efficiency goes nowhere.

FunctionFox software helps you to simplify task assignments and scheduling to optimize productivity. You only need to compare your production plan with your quote or budget. There will be no more cost overruns or confusing calls to customers regarding billing.

Most importantly, you will see which team member has more abilities, who works efficiently, and who is overwhelmed. Accordingly, you can keep track of things with simple and accurate progress updates.

The Functionfox Pricing Plans:

In FunctionFox pricing plans, you will find a variety of subscription options to suit your needs. The Free plan is a limited free version of its paid subscription. This plan allows for up to 3 users with 2 active projects at once. For the Classic (Time Tracking) plan, you will have to pay $5 monthly. Meanwhile, the Premier (Project Management) plan costs $10 per month. Ultimately, you can also choose the In-House (Project Request Forms) plan for $20 monthly.

Viewing the amazing benefits offered and reasonable pricing plans, we can confidently say that FunctionFox software is worth having.

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