Deciding the Right Rug for Your Home

Deciding the Right Rug for Your Home

Finding an area rug is much more than just looking for a small yet striking piece of carpet. If you want the best area rug, then look for the one that not only offers protection to your floor and soft-padded surface to your feet but also ensures longevity and durability. Whether it’s for your entrance, bedroom, dining room, living area, kitchen, or patio, there are certain things to consider while buying an area rug that wouldn’t only cover up your floor space but will also give your home an eye-catching outlook and cozy environment. First of all, let us provide you with a brief account of what exactly Area Rugs are. Afterward, we will apprise you about their benefits, and most importantly, the factors you need to know before buying an area rug.

What is an Area Rug?

An area rug can be marked as a type of carpet that comes in a smaller size and shape. People use it to cover up a small yet particular portion of the floor of rooms, lounges, hallways, living areas, and entrances. You can set it under the table in your living or dining room; or place it under the bed in your room to protect your floor from abrasions as well as give the floor a decent outlook. Moreover, rugs can be used to cover up the floor of living areas as these not only make the surface soft enough to walk on smoothly and protect from damage and dampen the sound from going downstairs. Isn’t it the best way to renovate your place simply by putting some area rugs on the floor to hype the glamour and furniture of your home? It looks like it is! Now, let’s move forward to know about the factors that ensure the worth of a rug.

The Main Aspect of Buying Area Rugs:

When it comes the time to choose the best area rug, there are two things that you need to be cautious about the most: its construction material and size. Then comes the style, color, and design. Anyhow, along with the type of area rugs, what matters is the place you are required to cover up with a stylish yet durable rug. Firstly, let’s find out the best durable material types usually used to fashion the area rugs.

Material Types & Quality:

The materials which are usually used to construct area rugs include:

  • Cotton Rugs: The versatility, durability, and easy-to-wash quality of the area rugs, fashioned from cotton, make them a smart choice for the kitchen and living room floors. Moreover, the rugs made up of cotton are quite economical, which means these can fit the best to family budgets. (Cotton rugs are machine-washable).

  • Wool Rugs: Wool is a common material of area rugs as it is highly versatile, enduring, soft, and above all, quite affordable. Moreover, the other best features of wool-made rugs include heat-retention and natural stain resistance. Furthermore, as wool inhibits bacterial growth and deters dust mites, making the rugs purely hygienic, you can easily wash wool-made area rugs.

  • Synthetic Rugs: Non-natural materials, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyester, are usually used to make synthetic rugs. What makes these rugs best is that the synthetic fibers come up with a bundle of features including easy-wash, and stain resistance. As well as, the color and texture of these rugs wouldn’t tend to fade away. Precisely, synthetic rugs are the best choice for doorways, patios, hallways, and kitchens.

  • Natural Fiber Rugs: Jute, sisal, bamboo, and seagrass are natural fiber materials used to fashion area rugs. Although natural fiber rugs are not easy to clean, they are quite eco-friendly and enduring. Well, Sisal Rugs are the most enduring and tightly woven yet harsh in texture. Natural fiber rugs are best for outdoor use as they tend to withstand heat and moisture.

  • Natural Dye Rugs: The natural dye rugs contain a few color options, and these rugs tend to retain their colors long-term. As well as, these kinds of rug materials would not fade away easily even after regular cleaning, and these would be ideal for the outdoors and indoors. In addition, natural rugs are easy to maintain as they can resist dust and water. These are completely safe from pests, and you could clean those with pressure washers too. However, it's necessary to shift those frequently under sunlight so that they don't fade away.


Area rugs come up with different styles and designs. Some of the best oriental rugs styles have been mentioned below:

  • Moroccan Rugs

  • Flatweave Rugs

  • Bokhara Rugs

  • Gabbeh Rugs

  • Kazak Rugs

  • Ikat Rugs


Size is the first thing you need to be cautious about while buying an area rug. Whereas the size of the rug varies concerning its use: where you need to set it down would help you measure its size. The size of the rug will mostly depend on your budget. If you manage a large rug, then it will give an attractive look. The most common sizes of area rugs are 5x8, 6x9, 7x10, and eight by 10 feet. Rugs smaller than 4 x 6 feet are used to decorate hallways, doorways, and bathrooms. At the same time, a medium-sized rug is used as dining rugs or to decorate living rooms, etc.

The Shape of the Rug:

The next important thing while buying an area rug is to see that it matches the shape of your room. To buy a large rug, then it should be matched with the size of your living room or other room where you want to put down the rug. One more factor to keep in mind while purchasing a larger rug is that it doesn't touch the wall on all sides while you face difficulty in moving around.

In the End:

There are numerous essential aspects you must consider when looking for the right rug. For instance, you want a rug that is both durable and attractive. If your home has small babies or pets, then you will need a more rugged kind of rug. You may also be considering what other furniture pieces might look good on top of it to create an interesting design element in your room! Whatever factors matter most to you personally should go into finding the best way to decorate with rugs. With so much variety out there at RugKnots, we’re sure that one perfect rug awaits just around the corner for you!

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