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Couple Photoshoot in Goa

The breezy sound of the ocean, the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful scenery of Goa create a wondrous environment. There’s no better place to celebrate love than with your loved one by your side on the beach in Goa. When it’s time to plan your official wedding shoot and all you want are incredible photos to capture this special day, there’s no better spot than a gorgeous-looking wedding shoot location in Goa. Picture-perfect scenery can be found for your special session!

Moreover, an option that many couples take is to take a well-deserved vacation and enjoy a relaxing getaway before the strenuous wedding preparations begin. For those of you who can manage it, we suggest that you plan your honeymoon in Goa! Not only will you be able to bask in the stunning views, but you'll also be able to choose from many travel worthy destinations for photo-shoots. To help make your decisions about where to go easier, here are eleven pre-wedding photo-shoot locations worth exploring if you plan on getting married in Goa one day!

A pre wedding shoot should be taken in a location which you both also feel comfortable and can get yourselves to act naturally for your special wedding album. It will allow loads of fun with your partner who is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

The best pre wedding shoot locations in Goa will be the sites where you can get yourself captured for your special wedding album, and have loads of fun with your partner.

Few Best places for Goa Couple Photoshoot:

Agonda Beach:

If you’re looking to experience a side of Goa that is relatively untouched, then head south of the main tourist area and visit Agonda Beach . One of the lesser known beaches in South Goa, visitors can enjoy a look at some unique beach life as well as comfortable accommodations amidst way that are homely, if not luxurious. If you have the opportunity to spend time here over the summer, or even better to catch the monsoon season , make sure you do - because this will be an opportunity for you to click some amazing photos including romantic pictures.

Amboli Waterfalls:

If you want the opportunity to view all of the nearby natural beauty while still being able to enjoy quality time with your fiancé or fiancée, then there is an ideal location that deserves to make it on your list of pre-wedding shoot locations in Goa. Although Amboli is located roughly 80 kilometres outside of Panjim, it makes for a great activity to do as a couple because it allows you both to experience some of the most stunning sights that this end of the Western Ghats have to offer; and get more intimate with one another in the process.

Chapora Fort:

Next on our popular list is Chapora Fort, a popular filming location in Bollywood movies. Enthusiasts of Bollywood have dreamily shown their love for this grandiose location in their pictures and selfies that some of them unfortunately become so famous. This spot is where the movie Dil Chahta Hai was filmed, which shows the beauty of pre-colonial era Portuguese architecture. Although it has been left to ruin, it's still an awe-inspiring place to visit when you want to take spontaneous vacation photos.

Latin Quarter:

If you are looking for vibrant and colourful backgrounds in the Latin quarter, then you must visit The Latin Quarters where the whole society is a collection of bright buildings. No wonder the place is a certified UNESCO's heritage sight, because it really is to be cherished with your intimate bond. Unlike all pre wedding shoot locations in Goa enjoying with your loved ones, the location has a very artistic view with beautiful shops and art galleries that make it even more glamorous.

Basilica of Bom Jesus:

Last but not the least on our list of pre-wedding shoot locations in Goa is the. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most cherished buildings by Christians, because of its symbolic significance. The meticulously maintained gardens and white architecture make it an ideal place to hold a pre-wedding shoot, as they will help you celebrate this special occasion in style. You may also wish to walk down its winding corridors inside, as there are quite a few fairly important remains buried here, including those belonging to St Francis Xavier.

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