Fascinating Best Uber Clone Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Fascinating Best Uber Clone Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Uber has proven to be the top cab service in recent times. That’s why entrepreneurs are trying to create the best android Uber clone script in better versions to provide more ease to customers. Best android Uber clone apps are upgraded, modified and designed as per customer demand.

Top tactics to develop the best Uber clone:

  • As a host you should take care of the strategies of the business. Launch the app in both iOS and Android versions. Reduce flowing money behind it and determine an appropriate domain name.

  • Hosting services have to determine the demand of the app in the locality and appoint employees accordingly. SEO design should be perfect so that the clone comes at the top.

  • Adopt the latest advancements as every user has smartphones now. The clone app should coordinate with the gadget’s working and screen assurance.

  • The app should have a space to include customers' reactions, ratings and reviews. This increases the validity of the clone app.

  • Design and develop your app if needed. Redesign codes observing the demands of the users.

Features of how to develop Uber Clone:

For Customers:


The registration process should be as easy as Uber. Using an email id, phone number or Facebook you can register in the Uber Clone app.

Tracking the ride:

Your clone cab should have the basic features of tracking the ride and receiving notifications about the ride. The arrival time of the driver, the number of the car you have booked, the route of your destination, following the map in real-time, the fare of riding etc. are important details to share with the customer. So you must keep this in the clone app.

Location and Destination:

There are many instances where confusion arises regarding the pick-up location and the destination of the rider. You can enable GPS so that the current location should be tracked by the Uber Clone app. Additionally, if you put the feature of showing the booking and travelling history, customers can choose from the list easily if they repeat a journey.


Communicating directly to the driver is very important to understand each other's location and approving time. Also, you should keep the feature of calling the clone app customer care for further customer satisfaction.

Vehicle type:

Customers should have the chance to choose the type of vehicle while booking a ride. This can be based on the number of riders, destination area type and the affordability of the customer. Two and four-wheelers with special arrival features, you should provide to the customer. Additionally, later riding and booking for others are very well used options in the app.

Payment methods:

While developing the Uber Clone app, you must introduce all possible payment options to ease the customer. Google pay, Paytm, payPal, PhonePe, cards and cash are commonly used payment methods. Also, keep the feature of split payment and don’t charge any cancellation fee for cancelling within a certain time.

Review and Rating:

Lastly, you keep the rating and review options for the customer about the ride, driver, fare etc. to push your app to grow.


Providing special offers, coupons, badges drag customers to retain more and ride in your Best Android Uber clone app cabs.

For Drivers:


Drivers also have to register for driving cabs. A driving licence, car insurance etc are required for that.

Customer details and contacting them:

They should see the customer details like name, location, travel history and also can call them for further information and notifying their arrival.

Trip alerts:

Using this feature the driver should control the acceptance and denial of a trip. They can change the trip also or cancel if needed.


The driver should have the option to push notifications to the customers' phones about the status of the ride. Charges, routes, payment, completion, OTP etc.

Navigation feature:

This is the most important feature of all. Customers will always prefer to reach their destination with the shortest route. And the driver also needs to complete it quickly to go to the next trip. That’s why the driver should be shown the shortest and easiest possible route towards the destination.

Extra earrings:

The driver should be allowed to earn more using this app. When a customer cancels a trip or keeps waiting for the driver for so long, then they should charge a fine for that.

Forward dispatch:

This is an amazing feature you should keep while developing an Uber clone. The driver can accept another trip request during a pre-existing trip.

Choose destination:

The driver can also choose the location of working if they are in that area. Also, the heat map is a very useful feature where the driver can compare places where the customer ratio is high and can work there. Thus your app will be promoted more in crowded places.

For admins:

The most important work is done by the admin panel in any cab application. They control and manage everything. Payments, salaries, locations, routes, timings, customer and driver details, notifications, booking, ratings, offers, FAQs, Google integration etc. are managed from the admin panel.

Following such tactics and modifying the clone app you can grow your taxi business well.

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