Keeping Your Car Clean in Rain, Snow, and Everything Winter Could Throw Your Way

Keeping Your Car Clean in Rain, Snow, and Everything Winter Could Throw Your Way

Surviving & Thriving in Winter Weather

Winter is right around the corner, and that means that snow is, too. Snowy days are fun when you spend them drinking hot cocoa on the couch watching holiday movies or building a snowman with your kids; they are not so fun when you are late for work because your car door is frozen shut. For those of us that have to trek through every blizzard, we need some tips and tricks to make our lives easier. Here are eight great ways to survive and thrive during the snow and rain.

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean this Winter Season

Using a towel to cover your windshield is a fantastic way to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of snow and ice. All of us have had the experience of frantically trying to defrost your windshield and get your windshield wipers unstuck when you’re running late on a wintery morning; it is not a fun experience. Avoid this morning nightmare by gently tucking a towel under your windshield wipers and laying it over your car’s windshield. This will keep snow and ice from freezing to it and make your winter mornings a breeze. You can also checkout there are some important things to keep in mind if you are installing metal garages in the winter season.

  • Use cooking spray to prevent car doors from freezing: The only thing worse than a frosted over windshield is a car door that is frozen shut. How are you supposed to get where you are going if you can’t open your door? Forcing the door open isn’t an open; that can greatly damage your vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean you are stuck without a way to get in your car. You can use cooking spray as a preventative way to keep your car doors from freezing shut in the first place. Simply spray the interior section with the cooking spray and the oil will repel any water that tries to freeze there.

  • Protect it in a metal carport or a metal garage: The easiest way to protect your car from blizzards and all of the negative effects of winter weather is to store it in a metal carport or metal garage. These steel structures are strong and secure; they are built to withstand torrential rain, intense winds, and heavy snowfall. If your car or truck is safely parked under your metal carport or in your metal garage, you won’t have to worry about ice freezing over the windshield of car doors freezing shut. Your vehicle will be protected from anything Mother Nature throws its way.

  • Toothpaste keeps teeth and car headlights bright and clean: Another important thing to think about when you are dealing with severe weather is visibility. Your safety should always be your top priority, so you need to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. Having clear headlights that shine bright is a big step in the right direction. Keeping your headlights clean can be difficult, even if you do store your vehicle in a metal garage, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply apply toothpaste to your car at night and wash it off with warm water in the morning. Your headlights will be as good as new!
  • Cleaning the windows regularly: Snow isn’t the only severe weather you will experience in the winter or any time of year. Rain can also wreak havoc on your car or truck. It is important that you keep your vehicle well protected from it, too.

One of the best ways to do this is to clean your windows regularly. Your car’s safety is your safety as well. This means that you need to have high visibility in order to keep you and your car safe. Dirty windows make this impossible; cleaning your windows greatly reduces your chance of accidents and is especially helpful when visibility is naturally decreased in heavy rain.

  • Waxing it when the sun shines: Waxing your car is a great way to keep it clean and protected during severe weather situations. Wax works as a barrier, keeping dirt and contaminants off of the direct surface of your vehicle. However, as important as waxing is, you cannot do it at any time. You should only wax your car when it is sunny so that it will set properly. Be sure that you are using the correct kind of wax for your car and that you wash it with a mild shampoo to avoid damaging the seal.
  • Giving it a quick shine at times: If you want your car to look as good as new even when the rain is pouring down, we suggest using a no-water car shine product in between washes. While this product is not meant to scrub away dirt and grim, it is the perfect way to ensure that your car looks clean and shiny. These products are easy to find wherever you are, so take advantage of a shine detailer that’s water free!
  • Removing the watermarks: Watermarks are unsightly and can even damage the surface of your vehicle. You should try to remove them as soon as possible; it’s important to keep any contaminants from pollution in the rainwater from affecting your car or truck. The best way to remove watermarks is to use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and distilled water. This solution is quick and easy to make, and even budget friendly, too.

Melt Away Your Winter Worries!

Keeping your car or truck safe and protected during severe winter weather is important no matter where you are. There are lots of ways to do this, from improving your visibility to preventing ice formation, but the best way to protect you and your vehicles is to store them in a strong and secure metal garage or metal carport.

Metal buildings are made from the highest quality steel and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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