Is There any Ways to Speed Up the Invisalign Process?

Ways to speed up invisalign process

Over a few decades, Invisalign treatment has become one of the popular orthodontic treatments that come with clear aligners. Whether it is someone with crooked teeth or an improper bite, with Invisalign you can renew your smile and improve your overall health.

Though Invisalign treatment is an easy process, there are a few things you need to know about this orthodontic treatment. Just like all the teeth straightening treatment, Invisalign also takes some time to work. It is a fact that the results do not appear overnight, it takes 12-18 months, but there are a few things that contribute to speeding up the Invisalign process.

Here are the Ways to Speed Up of Invisalign Process:

1. Wear Your Aligners for Recommended Time Daily: As advised by the orthodontists, you have to wear your aligners for certain hours in a day. In general, it takes 20-22 hours per day.

2. Clean Your Teeth Before Your Put Them Back into Your Mouth: While eating or drinking, you can take off the aligner for some time, but remember to clean your teeth and mouth overall before you put your aligners back.  It will maximize the hours you wear the aligners each day. If you wear aligners without brushing your teeth, it will trap remnants of food and drink against the teeth, which can cause cavities.

3. Keep Your Aligners Clean: You have to keep your aligners clean as well, to boost the speed of Invisalign treatment besides brushing the teeth,. However, it is not the same way as cleaning your teeth, since bristles or chemicals in the paste can cause scratches or cracks on the braces. Instead, you should use a clear and diluted mouthwash or Invisalign cleaning tablets as recommended by the orthodontists to keep your dental trays clean and hygienic.

4. Take Good Care of Aligners When Not Wearing: Apart from cleaning, there comes a situation when you have to take care of your braces. For example, when you take off the braces before eating and drinking, the aligners should be kept inside a protective case as given by the dentists.

If you leave your aligners unprotected, they can be mishandled by anybody in your home or your pet may chew it thinking it a toy. Sometimes, you might put your aligners wrapping in a napkin before the meal, which can damage them and you have to wait for the replacement in each of these cases and it may delay the overall process.

5. Don’t Miss the Adjustment Appointments: Never skip or delay the adjustment appointment with your dentists. These appointments will give you a clear picture of your teeth are gradually shifting. After a significant sift, the orthodontist will give you a new set of aligners to put based on the new shift made on your teeth. If you skip or push these appointments, it significantly makes a delay in the overall treatment process.

6. Limit Your Sugar Intake: While under the Invisalign treatment, it is important to maintain good oral health. In this course, you have to avoid sugar and acidic food and beverages. Such foods cause damage to the teeth resulting in decay. It is difficult for decaying teeth to shift into the straight position, which may cause delay in your teeth alignment process.

7. Keep Check on Any Abnormalities: If you get to see any abnormalities report your orthodontists immediately. Though the treatment is a straightforward process, abnormalities may occur. You will get a quicker treatment if the abnormalities are addressed earlier.

8. Get Attachments if Your Orthodontist Recommend It: Invisalign was only used to treat minor dental misalignments, but nowadays Invisalign treatment has been upgraded with the use of attachments called buttons. It speeds up the treatment by putting more pressure on a specific tooth or a set of teeth with faster movement.

9. Choose the Right Invisalign Treatment: Since Invisalign treatment is going to last for a year or more, it’s essential that you choose the right provider to take treatment and guidance down the line. See an orthodontist for Invisalign in London to have a customized treatment plan according to your oral issues.

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