How to Keep Mentally Retarded Children Safe

Mentally retarded children safe

There is a lot of media published on the behavioral approach of mentally retarded children. Perhaps the study on threats to the mentally retarded children is less. Even there is very less content on the hardships faced by their parents.

Mentally retarded children have no or less idea of their surroundings. They do not know the threats they have. Although normal children are not even well aware of the threats they may have outside their home, they can understand what their parents tell them. Comparatively, the understanding level is not so well in the mentally retarded children. However, they hesitate less to tell their parents what someone did to them.

How Mentally Children are Unsafe?

Children with mental illness are vulnerable and they cannot resist if anyone tries to do something heinous with them. People tend to discourage, neglect, scold, and abuse such children as they do not fear that they may retaliate. Just because of their vulnerability, there are so many things they have to face.

The common issues that mentally retarded children face are:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Violence
  • Murder

Besides, there are even some other issues they face like robbery.

Indeed, such kids do tell their parents what they experienced. One of the sources tells that 60% of mentally retarded children tell their parents about daily happenings. However, it depends on their parents how they understand it. Their unclear explanation makes people not to believe them.

Impacts of Abuse on Mentally Retarded Children:

The worst effect is that mentally retarded children may become violent. They may shout, break things around them, and also hurt themselves. A lower degree impact is that they lose interest in everything. They do not eat and are unable to sleep. Every impact they have of abuse puts their parents into trouble. Further, their doctors tend to help them and try to make sure that they recover fast out of that situation. But that does not always work. In certain cases, parents are made to send their children to the mental observations and at extreme to the asylum.

How to Keep Mentally Retarded Children Safe?

It is never easy to keep mentally retarded children safe. Perhaps, staying determinant may help. Since we are in the digital age, why not ensure the safety of the mentally retarded children with a digital safety program.

OgyMogy is a monitoring software and mobile app that can help parents know what their kids are doing. To get moving, parents will need to give a cell phone to their mentally retarded children. Soon as you install the app and subscribe to it, the monitoring process will begin.

The app will monitor everything that the kid does daily. It record the screen as well as the live footage. For instance, someone tried to bully the kid while he was at school, OgyMogy will record that. Even in such a situation, it may alert the parents that their kid is in a distress situation. Along with that, it shows them the physical location of the kid. Certainly, it becomes easier for the parents to immediately call to action.

Well, if OgyMogy had been there before, it should have helped so many mentally retarded children around the world.

Ensuring the safety of the Mentally Retarded Children:

Now you know what you can do to keep your kids safe. Further, violence with mentally retarded children is often an organized process.

Some predators look for mentally retarded children. They are afraid of the world, and they know that mentally retarded children will never resist. Also, no one might understand if they even complain.

The predators begin off with bullying. One of the surveys suggests that 7 out of 10 mentally retarded children are bullied. Since there is no or less resistance, predators can move on to the next step. It is sexual abuse. Another study tells that 90% of mentally retarded children suffer sexual abuse. Further, 49% of them suffer sexual abuse over 10 times in their lives.

The next process is to pacify. Predators scold them and even beat them. That may cool the situation down. However, if it does not, then they might kill them. Well, there should be a record of the mentally retarded children murder cases. But there is no plausible record on the surface.

If the parents have kids monitoring app, they can step in right at the beginning and save their child. In the absence of such apps, these heinous actions will never stop.

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