4 Different Effective Ways to Kill Cockroaches

Ways to kill cockroaches

There are 4500 different species of roaches worldwide. Roaches are cringe creatures that carry harmful bacteria and have a bad impact on your house. According to Terminix, almost 30 toughest populations of roaches are present in Dubai.

Killing roaches is a challenging task, and without proper tools and the right method, it feels a lot more difficult. Cockroaches are resilient, and they breed quickly. No sooner, you think you have killed all the cockroaches, a whole new group of roaches come out to fill the spot. Cockroaches are crafty, and it takes a lot of effort to trick them. Do you want to get rid of these filthy and disgusting insects? Have you ever tried to down the number of cockroaches in your house? If yes, then this article might be best for you.

Before digging into details of killing roaches, let’s look at some important facts about roaches.

Important facts about cockroaches:

Cockroaches have the black, brown, and mixed color appearance. They invade in large groups and leave behind the traces of bacteria. German, American, Asian, Oriental, Brown-smoky, and brown-banded are the most common and toughest types of roaches. Apart from these, there are more important facts about cockroaches that you should keep in mind.

  • Cockroaches are nocturnal, and they love to live in the dark

  • A cockroach can live up to a week or a few more days without its head

  • Cockroaches are the toughest pest species, and they can stay alive without food up to a month

  • Cockroaches can easily adapt to a variety of environment

  • This pest species prefer to live in warm conditions

  • Kitchen and garbage area are the favorite places of roaches

  • German roaches are the toughest species, and they can grow up to 13 to 16 cm in 1 or 2 weeks

  • Cockroaches leave the traces of chemicals and bacteria behind through their feces

Affordable ways to Kill Cockroaches:

If you are not a bug person, then the thought of pests inside your house is enough to make you terrified. But here are some important, affordable, and effective methods to reduce the number of roaches in your house. Let’s have a look at these tips and get ready to attack the heavy infestation of roaches.

1. Use Boric Acid

Boric acid is a natural method of killing roaches. This nasty creature is an allergy to this chemical. The best way of using boric acid is to make a thick paste of it. Mix 3 tablespoon of boric acid with water and sugar and make a thick mixture. Apply this thick paste in the favorite hidden places of roaches.

2. Use roach killing sprays:

If you have ever used the roach killing spray, you will know that it can instantly kill the bug. It is an effective and affordable way of bringing an instant reduces in the number of roaches.

3. Clean your house:

As you know, the favorite places of roaches are kitchen and garbage. They can get enough food to feed themselves and their swarms. So, it is important to cut off their supply of food and water. Carefully clean the garbage area and make sure you seal off all the food bags.

4. Bait is the finest option:

When all these methods fail to bring satisfying results, you can jump to use a roach killing gel bait? Advion cockroach gel bait is an effective and highly potent product that can bring down many roaches, even with a single application. This Pest control Dubai cockroach contains 0.5% Indoxacarb that works with a delayed strategy. It gives enough time to roaches to get back to their den and transfer poison in the other cockroaches. Advion gel is one of the most affordable and finest cockroach gels that you can use for indoor and outdoor places.

Final Words

Cockroaches are very fast, and sometimes it is hard to locate them. Cracks & crevices of walls, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, and space under furniture are favorite hidden places of roaches. Moreover, whenever you use Advion or any other best cockroach gel in the kitchen, make sure you have covered all the food items and food handling surfaces. Store boric acid and chemical products out the reach of kids and pets and use them wisely.

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