What is Wellness Tourism? Trends and the Best Practices

Wellness tourism

Wellness has been a significant and leading trend in the travel industry. Though it has become one of the mainstream trends quite recently, wellness tourism has always been an important part of traveling experience for ages.

The health travel industry is plainly on the ascent, worth almost four trillion dollars. Its growth had a boost-up of 7 percent in the last 5 years. The wellness industry envelops everything from a spa, food, and nourishment, medication, to dynamic aging, and work-place-wellness plus fitness through different means to clinical and wellbeing. The US news travel suggested that traveling can influence a person’s physical and mental wellbeing positively; it enhances the productivity of a person. You can enrich your life if traveling is solely aimed at health and wellness. Your body and your mind will heal rejuvenate if you engage in wellness tourism.

Top wellness trends and US news travel:

Travel in well-being:

Long stretching global flights leave you exhausted and tired with closed, confined space and not-so-good food, which has brought the travel industry to bring on the wellness-travel trends to ensure a peaceful journey. While spas at air terminals are the same old thing, the experience is getting updated. Not only the airlines are offering the yoga and meditation space at the airport, for longer flights some airlines are offering in-flight wellness meals, stretching plus specially developed lighting for better sleep experience.

Merger of clinical and wellness travel:

Traveling to far lands to enhance health goes back to ancient times. These wellness practices started thousands of years ago and still it is one of the top traveling trends. For centuries people have been aware of the countless benefits of massage, meditation, yoga and, herbal medicines, etc. A healthy person has a sound body and mind and a healthy social life. This mantra has to lead international hospitals to redecorate their hospital rooms like hotel rooms to enhance patients’ experience. Conversely, the health and wellness resorts which were the epicenter of traditional practices have evolved and now they offer all kinds of medical tests and customized wellness treatment programs.

Wellness for three generations:

Travelers go to the wellness and spa resorts to experience peace of body and mind. The wellness resorts are now offering their services for three generations. It is hard to keep the kids in one place, to keep the spiritual atmosphere intact; the resorts have special spas for kids and various yoga and meditation practices. The old-Gen is also benefiting from these resorts as they are catering to the needs of senior citizens, offering their healthy food and a connection of body mind and soul to enhance their quality of life.

Following the Vegan trend:

The vegan community has picked the pace recently. Restaurants did not offer Vegan-oriented menus until recently. In these last few years vegan diet plans have attracted a large number to turn towards this trend and in the last couple of years this industry boosted from one to 6 percent and worth almost 6 billion now. The wellness tourism stakeholders are aware of the emerging trends, now there are thousands of resorts and hotels offering vegetarian diets and cuisines catering the needs of the vegan community.

Peaceful sleep:

The consciousness of the imperative significance of getting a decent night's rest is rapidly spreading. No one now takes pride in having less sleep and more work. Not getting enough sleep can cause many problems like tiredness and anxiety leading to severe issues like obesity, heart attack, depression, etc. To give travelers a more comfortable sleeping experience, the hotels and resorts all around the world have arranged special treatments like infusing the essential oils and lighting to soothe the nerves, meditation, and assurance of complete darkness with blackout curtains for sound sleep.

Mental transformation:

Routine life makes a person mentally and emotionally drained. A little change is always good for mental and physical well-being. Meditation is at the top of the list for mental transformation journeys. The seekers of such experiential tourism are very well informed and they are always seeking new and better places and practices to spiritual healing. The trend of disconnecting from the hectic routine and recharging by lying in the arms of mother-nature is spreading. The wellness tourism industry is now offering such insightful traveling experiences like digital detox and nature submersion, where people will go through a profound mental and physical transformation.

The wellness tourism industry must focus on all the trends especially now as the wellness-minded travelers are always in quest of authentic and globally complemented services that are inclined towards placeless experience.
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