How Does Mini MBA Impact Your Career Growth and Salary?

Yes, you have heard it right, our very own MBA has become more advanced with its better version and a newer concept of Mini MBA. With the changing scenarios in the current job market, Mini MBA is perceived as a blessing to those who wish to enter into leading business companies without wasting much of their time.Read this article to find out how mini MBA can help upskill your professional career, but within a restricted period of time.

Effectiveness of mini MBA:

A mini MBA is quite effective, as per the cutting down of exorbitant fees is concerned. Additionally, mini MBA (as the name suggests) is popular among students because of its ability to shorten the time span of earning an MBA degree. The primary advantage of the course is that the mini MBA certificate has equivalent weight as compared to the two-year (full-time/ part-time) MBA degree course and has wide acceptance in the business industries and companies across.

Students can choose to obtain a specialised MBA certification in any of the following professional fields:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Productions and Operations Management
  • Business Administration
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

Benefits of pursuing a mini MBA:

Due to the limited time span and blended learning mode of most mini MBA programmes, the fees structure of the course is kept as low as possible. Several multinational companies launch free (fully-funded) programmes for fresh graduates, along with opportunities for placement. Another advantage for mini MBAs is that it can last as little as a week, which has a more intense approach, or span across several months. Therefore, it not only allows you to manage time but also discard the burden of investing substantial sums of money that goes into a full-time degree.

Future scope of mini MBA:

The mini MBA course ensures wide career opportunities to the aspirants just like any other traditional MBA course. Students qualifying this certification can apply in leading companies to secure various positions. Be sure to acquire excellent placement sessions, which provide the opportunity to work and learn from top corporates of the international market.Therefore, whether your goal is to drastically and quickly upgrade your salary or overall professional status in the business world,it is best for you to start a new venture with a mini MBA course.

Are looking forward to join a business school but feel like a full-time MBA degree might just be too much? Then a mini MBA programme will be an appropriate fit for you, both in terms of time and money. Grab this opportunity of studying the Development Programme with mini MBA to skyrocket your earning potential right away. Apply
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