What is Social Media Hub and Why You Use It - 4 Facts

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The social media hub is a tool that can bring your social media feed and your brand’s website closer. Social media hub creates a hub of all the relevant social media feeds from various social media platforms in one place to be displayed on your website thereafter.

When a brand is socially active on nearly all social media platforms it rather becomes difficult for the brand to keep a look on each of these platforms and be able to control it all together. Furthermore, in today’s marketing arena it has become utterly important to communicate with your audience and provide them immediate feedback or make them feel their value for the brand.

Social hub makes it easier for the brand to aggregate such social media posts from every social media platform and present it a simplified form. Through social hubs, the audience can access the accounts of the brand from a single place.

They can even like, comment or share the posts directly from the social hub instead of searching for the brand’s account on each of the social media platforms. So, through Social media hubs, it's easier for both brands as well as for their followers to stay updated of live streams and activities on social media.

It's not easy to manage each of your social media channels as a brand. Social Media Hub helps you in making the most from your social media channels by aggregating all the relevant and important posts at once and integrating the same on websites and for events on screens.

Advantages of integrating social media hub with your website

1. Increase traffic to the website: Social media hub creates a short passage between your social media presence and website so that your audience can switch between the two easily. It lets users to be redirected to your website from social media channel and vice versa. With social media hub embedded on your website, users can even access the various social media channels from the website itself without leaving it.

This increases the chances of users coming across your website, even more, resulting in more traffic directed towards. Increase in traffic to your website will also result in higher Google search rankings and thereby increase in the visibility of your website and brand.

2. Enhances customer engagement: Social media hub enables the customer to stay engaged with the website for a longer duration. But how? Now, that you have gained your user attention and made him visit your website but for how long can you make then stay there? To keep them engaged, you need to continuously make the right content flash in front of their eyes which could be a Twitter conversation with a follower, a Facebook comment post, an interactive video of your brand, Instagram profile images showing Giveaways, contests and offers and much more.

What’s common in these content is the presence of social media platforms. And that’s what social media hub does! It collects all such information from your different social media channels and presents it over your website to seek customer attention.

Also, the longer the user stays on the website without bailing out within seconds, more are the chances of an increase in conversion rates.

3. Instil a sense of security in the audience: Did you know about 61% of customers read online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase? This is because reading reviews instils a sense of security and assurance about brand in the audience and social proof justly provides that. Integrating social media hub on the website including UGC makes the audience to trust the brand easily.

They can retract more worthy information about the brand by going through the social media hub posts on the website. When the audience can easily trust the authenticity and reliability of your brand, there is no other fear that stops them from making a purchase.

4. Real-time access: Social media hubs work in the same manner as social walls and display real time content. Who knows you just saw a brand campaign, enter into the same using the hashtag and next you could see your own post flashing on the website page. It is really that quick and takes seconds to retrieve the fresh content and display it all over.

Live-action and real time increase the fun and interaction level. Through various campaigns organized by brands such as Q&A sessions, quizzes and asking questions from quest speakers, users can know a lot more about the brand.

It is super simple to use social media hub for websites, for Wordpress websites and even for big events. As social media hub displays moderate content, you also don’t have to fear about negative or irrelevant content showing up or getting displayed. Using social media hub makes brand attain the maximum benefit from their social media presence.
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