#22 Foremost Benefits of Magento Ecommerce Development for Site

Benefits of magento development

The world seems to be full of dedicated entrepreneurs, who are enthusiastic about launching their online businesses. As a result, e-Commerce development is fast gaining momentum, specially in the last few years. As the trend of e-commerce business was becoming more and more powerful, so was the need for a user-friendly and robust website development platform.

Many such platforms or frameworks have emerged out of which Magento stands out to be overwhelmingly popular all over the world.

Thanks to the dedicated effort of thousands of technically sound developers scattered around the globe, the Magento framework is not only being constantly tested but also it is drastically improving with time. There already exist hosts of extensions and a wide and impressive range of functions to cater to customised and innovative needs of businesses.

Let us explore a host of advantages offered by Magento e-Commerce development:

1. Open-source platform:
Magento is an open-source platform and thus like all other similar platforms it:
  • Guarantees to evolve over time
  • Offers scores of customisation and integration options
  • No cost involved – just download and install Magento without paying any license fee

2. Mobile as well as SEO-friendly:

Magneto offers advanced SEO solutions in one hand, while on the other maintains state-of-the-art mobile web design standards. Without a true mobile-friendly website you are bound to lose a significant volume of users from reaching your website. When a website is correctly optimised for the search engines, it occupies a top position in organic searches, which in turn increases its chances of getting more hits or visitors. Moreover, Magento also offers in-depth analytics to help you track your visitors.

3. Fast-loading pages:

Magento secures your webpage gets loaded faster. The faster a website or a webpage loads, the less are the chances of having high bounce rates. It also increases the chances of conversion.

4. Hosting options are flexible:

Unlike many other web development platforms in the past Magento allows you to choose your preferred hosting solutions-provider.

5. Hosting multiple websites on a single admin panel:

Magento allows you to host multiple websites from a single back-end admin panel. In simpler words, this feature allows you to separately set up stores with unique product catalogue, features and design in a common business environment.

6. Support for multi-currency and multi-language:

Here’s one of the best advantages of using Magento eCommerce development; most of the modern e-commerce frameworks offer no option regarding currency and language. In a sharp contrast, Magento e-Commerce web development framework supports all the major currencies and languages in the world. This feature practically offers a far-stretched and untapped goldmine to businesses that target an audience spread across a wide geographical area.

7. 3rd-pary integration:

You can effortlessly integrate your Magento-powered website with various web applications and payment gateways like Google Shopping, MailChimp, PayPal, eBay, QuickBooks and others.

8. Mind-blowing default features:

Magento comes with everything you expect in an e-commerce storefront. Some of its mind-blowing user-friendly features include the following:
  • Wish lists
  • Product comparisons
  • Advanced search options
  • Varieties of products
  • Varieties of a product
  • Comprehensive e-mail list
  • Favourites
These innovative features empower you deliver high-level satisfaction and experience to your users.

9. Unbelievably flexible platform:

Magento caters to the unique needs of every business irrespective of size, budget and operational scale. You can easily find the suitable edition of this e-commerce web development framework to suit all your needs. For example, Magento Enterprise version is ideal for medium and large-scale businesses while Magento Go is more suitable for small firms.

10. Greater ease and convenience for both developers and administrators:

Magneto allows developers updating content, linking pages to main or sub navigation, adding new pages with greater ease. It also proves convenient for administrators or storeowners, who are usually technically challenged to carry out such tasks on their own. In addition to that there are many reliable Magento e-commerce web development companies in London to help you out.

11. Fast and easy checkout:

The Magento shopping cart is efficient and intelligent enough to assist customers step by step while buying items they want. The checkout process is also fast and easy; as a result you have minimal cases of cart abandonment.

12. You can easily integrate with Google services:

You can effortlessly link your Magento-powered website to useful Google services like Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout and others.

13. Smart and easy coding:

Magento core code is not too complex compared to that of other frameworks. e-Commerce developers working at a top-notch Magento agency say it is so easy that you can easily integrate it with third-party coding.

14. Smart and effective report system:

The Magento framework provides you with detailed report on your website’s performance from the back-end. Thus you can easily identify the “present hot items” and items that are out of stock. It becomes easier drawing more effective strategies to improve sales.

15. Easy to market:

The Magento framework offers you an array of effective tools for business promotion. Some of these include:
  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Private sales
  • Coupons
  • Catalogue pricing
Moreover, you can also display some related items to boost both up-selling and cross-selling.

16. Easier content management:

Magento is powered by a highly intuitive and visual page editor named WSYIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. This equips you modify your webpage easily without any technical knowledge.

17. Safe and secured e-commerce storefront:

The Magento framework offers high-level protection to your web store. It also allows you to manage internal access through multi-level security protocol. You can generate secondary password to prevent unexpected security breaches. Furthermore, it offers CAPTCHA and PCI Data Security to ensure utmost protection.

18. Vast and growing Magento community:

Till now there are hundreds and thousands of members in the Magento e-commerce development community and this number is growing every day. This ensures prompt help whenever you face trouble with your site.

19. Multi-stored dashboard:

Fresh updates on Magento are being introduced every day. As a result the web framework offers hassle-free options to launch your e-commerce business and reap profits. A single dashboard panel allows you handle all your e-commerce websites powered by Magento.

20. Easy to use dashboard:

Editing, adding and updating product information as well as other content on a website was never easier without Magento. The same goes for linking content and navigation. As a result, developers can easily save time working on a given website.

21. Custom integrations:

Magento allows third-party integration. As a result you enjoy more options to customise your web store. This is one of the most crucial factors behind unbelievable popularity of the Magento web development framework.

22. Countless options:

Magento is updated with the latest designing trends, security features, SEO-ranking factors and all other requirements of any online storefront. Magento can handle a large number of requests promptly. It is your best bet to make your world of online shopping faster, fully customised and bigger.

Considering all the benefits of Magento eCommerce development discussed above, it is no wonder Magento framework is the craze for e-commerce businesses big and small. Magento London is a reliable and reputed
name across the UK for Magento e-commerce development. They have a robust team with in-depth experience in developing Magento-powered websites. Feel free to contact us to build your fully customised Magento e-commerce storefront at an affordable price.
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