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Facts about invisalign braces

Do you need to straighten your teeth? Are you worried about which braces to choose from a wide number of options? Invisalign is the unrivalled option available to straighten your misaligned teeth. May be you have a lot of queries regarding this teeth straightening option.

This article deals with 18 such facts about Invisalign braces that will clear all your doubts and provide you with a better idea. Read on to know:

1. Invisalign is quite expensive:

In contrary to other traditional braces, Invisalign can cost you more! It is because of the fees of the laboratory for Invisalign that you have to pay which is relatively high than that of traditional braces. Basically, this amount completely goes to the manufacturing company of the Invisalign that you are about to put on.

2. Invisalign becomes widely popular:

It is one of the important Invisalign facts as due to its impeccable benefits along with teeth straightening feature, it is accepted worldwide. These days, the number of patients who want to undergo Invisalign treatment gets unexpectedly increased.

3. Invisalign is removable:

As its trays are removable it possesses the full freedom and flexibility to the patients to drink and eat as per their wish. It also enables you to floss and brush every day by removing it to ensure your proper oral hygiene.

4. Invisalign is highly efficient:

Invisalign is a highly-effective tool to align the crooked or misaligned teeth. But make sure that you have performed it by the dentist who possesses much years of experience in offering Invisalign to treat the crooked teeth successfully.

5. Invisalign requires less maintenance:

Another important Invisalign braces fact is it is free from wires or metal brackets. So, you are much less likely to visit the dentist for its adjustment and maintenance.

6. Invisalign offers consistent pressure too:

Invisalign exerts same pressure as traditional braces exert, thereby providing the same amount of relief. Due to the specific design of these braces for providing consistent yet gentle pressure to shift the teeth to its own position, it’s become the best realignment option. It has the potential to fix the teeth to its own position which have gone out of its place within the shortest time period.

7. Invisalign has limitations:

Despite of numerous advancements in dental technology, some critical conditions arise which can neither be treated with traditional braces nor with Invisalign. It is so; because both of these braces have certain limitations and exerting pressure has certain parameters too. Moreover, the situation is so complicated that it can’t be fixed with aligners.

8. Invisalign must be taken from an experienced provider:

Though there are numerous providers of Invisalign treatment throughout the city, it is advisable to research on it for a few hours. You must get your aligner from a reputed, experienced and confident provider. Hence, you must select one in terms of their credentials and reputation and you can do so by checking its reviews, testimonials and comments.

9. Invisalign is about commitment:

If you think that wearing of the Invisalign is enough to get the desired set of teeth, then you are absolutely wrong. It is about commitment too and you have to put in on for long 22 hours to get the desirable result.

10. Invisalign must be changed multiple times:

With Invisalign treatment, you have to get a new set of aligners once in every two weeks. Adjustment is also needed for this aligner which is of 3 weeks and 10 days for complex and simpler ones respectively.

It is necessary because along with time your teeth will be shifted to its own position and hence every time you need fully customised aligners with slightly varied in shape. Moreover, it will also help you to reach your desirable goal within a short period of time.

11. Retainer is required after Invisalign treatment:

A majority of the patients need to wear the retainer post-Invisalign treatment. It helps in holding the shifted teeth back to its own position firmly so that the treatment becomes succeed in the long haul.

12. Invisalign is safe to use:

Invisalign is made up of a thermoplastic material and hence it can be used after teeth whitening treatment too. Every set of aligner is specifically designed so that it can shift the misaligned teeth in the sequence as per your dentist wishes.

13. Invisalign controls both adjustment and time greatly:

Due to the immaculate design of the Invisalign it can take over the control to adjustment force and time excellently. So, only some specific teeth will get shifted with an aligner set and that too within 3-week cycle.

As you will progress with a few numbers of aligners, the noticeable result can be observed with the naked eye. Moreover, you will find that each set of aligner looks slightly different from the previous one. It is designed according to your requirement by the orthodontist.

14. Invisalign manufacturing companies not offer the treatment:

Invisalign is the specific tool for correcting the set of teeth. Therefore the companies that manufacture this tool don’t offer the treatment. Even, they are not responsible for guaranteeing its effectiveness. Instead, all these issues are depended on the experience of the orthodontist you have visited. Hence, you are advised to select a highly experienced and specialised provider for your treatment.

15. Invisalign can also take some time:

Though Invisalign is known for its outstanding result within shortest time period yet it can consume some time too for showing you the result. Basically, the time taken to fix the issue is proportionate to the complexity of your teeth’s crookedness.

16. Invisalign is pain-free:

Discomfort is very common if you want to shift your teeth physically. As Invisalign is also designed to shift your teeth or straighten your smile neither it causes neither discomfort nor any pain. Even if you experience any, it will get subsided naturally after a few days.

17. Invisalign is effective for closing gaps:

As much as it is effective for straightening the teeth, it is too effective for closing the gaps. Moreover, it also closes the gaps within the shortest period possible at the same time.

18. Invisalign is not for everyone:

In general, Invisalign is designed to use on the anterior of the teeth. But if you have issue with the back of your teeth, then it is not efficient for you. In such a case, you have to visit your orthodontist to know which is the most suitable as well as effective treatment option available for it.

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