8 Secret Ways to Light Up Your Patio Area

Ways to light up

Planning and installing a low-voltage outdoor patio lighting system is an easy do-it-yourself job. You may need to do minimal wiring, but no unusual electrical skills area needed. Everything connects to a small transformer box that simply plugs into an existing outlet.

It will be safe and easy to install. This is something that is completely safe and quite easy to be installed. Today we would be showing you the manner in which you can plan the entire look of your patio area by taking the help of professional emergency North Shore electrician.

Create an innovative layout

First draw a rough plan of your patio: locate nearby electrical outlets, and note any key features you want to accentuate such as railings, plantings, stairs, sitting areas, etc. Make some small cut-outs of your furniture, grill, planters, as well as for the fixtures you might want to use.

Do the same for your transformer, finding a place for it near one of your electrical outlets. You'll need to keep its location in mind when the wiring begins.

Select the correct light fixtures:

Select the light fixtures you want to use. Take your patio plan to Lowes or Home Depot or a store with a similar lighting dept. and browse their selection of lighting. Ask a salesperson for help if you need it or ask a North Shore electrician near me.

Best wiring plan layout:

This will be your wiring plan. With minimal effort, and some small, well place holes, you can conceal the wiring under railings and porch-boards. You can minimize some of your wiring by connecting multiple lights to a single wire circuit.

You'll want to make note of the total wattage for all your fixtures in order to choose the correct size transformer. Ideally, find a transformer that provides 25% excess capacity.

Consider the surroundings:

Consider the details as: highlighting the entrance into your home with post lights; adding step lights for safety; using rope lights to highlight railings and planters; lighting paths out to the driveway or yard; utilizing colored floodlights set to highlight plants and trees from many angles while designing the layout of your outdoor patio lighting.

By choosing to wire a low-voltage system you bring greater quality to your outdoor space than if you were to mount cheaply manufactured solar or battery-powered fixtures. You can have them installed with the help of an electrician lower North Shore.

Patio string lights:

When entertaining your friends outdoors, it's a good idea to consider how easy it is to see outside when the sun dips behind the hills. If your patio area gets considerably dark when the sun goes down, it may be a good idea to invest in some patio string lighting.

Different variants of lighting elements:

By installing lighting on your porch, you are making the area safer and more beautiful for those enjoying your outdoor entertaining spot. You have numerous options when it comes to lighting, including rope lights, hanging bulbs lights and hanging lanterns.

Rope Lights:

You may have seen rope lights before at restaurants or bars. The light are contained within a clear plastic tube (or rope) and used to highlight areas or are hidden a little to create a beautiful glow. The other kind, hanging bulb patio string lights, are more like the typical Christmas lights or the string lights used at weddings and other festivities.

Hanging lanterns, on the other hand, are generally more costly but are perfect for outdoor entertaining areas where your guests will be doing more than just sitting and conversing. These are perfect for lining around a yard to allow kids and other young adults to play in the yard after it gets too dark to go without them.

Light up the patio area

Always hire professionals:

There are many different ways to install these kinds of lights yourself, but if you are unsure of what you're doing, it's never a bad idea to hire a professional. When it comes to dealing with electricity, it's key to know the ropes.

Most electricians will be able to hang these lights for you and deal with any complicated wiring that may need to be done to create the look you want. If you are looking to install the lighting yourself, be sure to do your research and maybe a 24-hour electrician North Shore to help you out.

The most common use for patio lights is when having a party to add that party atmosphere. Colored lights are strung up around the area and can really brighten up an area and give a carnival atmosphere. But you can also use these outdoor party lights to provide different moods.

If you are having an intimate dinner party out on the patio you may not want bright colored lights. Simply by changing to globes of different colors you can create any mood you want.

Say you are having that special dinner party; why not use subdued colors like blue to provide a zen-like effect that promotes conversation. If you are using a dance floor brightly colored patio lights are the best around that area while around the eating area more subdued lighting can be used. It is easy to mix and match in different areas. The colors of the outdoor patio lights can also be used to depict different themes.
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