Digital Marketing Trends Need to Renew Your Strategy

As everyone already knows, Digital Marketing is a world in constant evolution and staying in the past has a very large cost. Adapt to the new trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 and don't be a brand of the heap.

Marketing process automation:

Having software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage your databases and apply Inbound Marketing strategies is essential today. Losing contacts or communicating to everyone equally is not acceptable.

Today's customer demands that brands communicate only what interests them when they are interested. Take advantage of the tools offered by the market to ensure that your funnel is well built and avoid losing sales.

Chatbots and messaging tools:

The most important among the trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 is bidirectional, instant and honest communication. Not by automating processes you will leave aside the humanity of your brand. People want to know that there are human beings behind your brand.

Install a Chatbot (computer tools that simulate human conversations) on your website that allows you to quickly dialogue with your potential clients. If you don't know how to do it, you can quote the installation with us. In addition, you can use mass messaging applications such as Many Chat that allow you to segment and customize your messages.

Many companies are using Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Business. These messaging applications are also allied with Chatbots.

Transparency in native advertising:

According to a study by the TheOnlineAdvocates, 83% of advertisers use native advertising. However, users
increasingly reject ads disguised as content.

It is important to create "in-feed" advertising that does not disturb user navigation. We are no longer to continue creating graphics with red letters of "OFFER" that scare the public.

If you are going to create content, make it interesting. If you are going to create advertising, let it be with content.

Express content

The attention span of users is decreasing. Normally they want to absorb content of no more than 30 seconds, either because they are on their way to somewhere or they only have 15 minutes of break to check their social networks.

The stories of Instagram and Facebook and micro-video are one of the trends in Digital Marketing 2019. Companies must learn to summarize their content to suit the consumption needs of the global citizen.

Search by voice and Artificial Intelligence

The devices are integrating the use of Artificial Intelligence and voice search. Therefore, Google's algorithm is giving importance to voice searches. This is due to the fact that we are more detailed when conducting a spoken than written search.

Therefore, you must re-adapt your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to respond to more complex and detailed keywords. Create pages or blog posts with answers to frequently asked questions that the public can ask about your product or service.

Optimize your website to appear in the featured snippets, which are the typical clear and concise answer boxes that you see at the  top of the Google search results . Commonly called "the 0 position in Google."

Context marketing during each stage of online sales

One of the main trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 is the personalization of communication. From the first contact with your potential client you must offer specific messages for him.

It is no longer worth to segment only by the purchase phase in which the user is, you must also have an offer for each type of audience at each stage.

In fact, the goal is to recognize the user when interacting in the different broadcast channels such as:

  • Social networks.
  • Online store.
  • Offline points of sale and distributors.

The marketing context will gain more relevance thanks to these technologies, since they will allow to show timely content to the right user at the right time. Use a CRM tool to keep your databases in order and accumulate as much information as possible about each of your clients.

Virtual and augmented reality:

Virtual reality is no longer exclusive to science fiction, but it is a tool for everyday use that strongly affects purchasing processes. Thanks to the emergence of new programs accessible to SMEs, it is not exclusive to large brands.

Some of its uses in Digital Marketing are:

  • Produce immersion and interaction between the brand and the consumer.
  • Improve the customer experience by approaching a product or service from a digital and remote environment.
  • Project innovation as an attribute of the brand.

These are some of the trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 that you should know before renewing your Digital
Strategy. Remember that in the digital world everything progresses vertiginously. You don't want to stay in the past and lose customers to your competition, right?
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