29 Free Infographic Submission Websites List 2020-2021 for SEO

Infographic Submission Websites:

An infographic is a visual representation of data like images, charts, and minimal text which is self-explanatory and easy-to-remember. We can use informative images to represent complex information or data in an easy-to-understand manner which can be easily consumed by the audience. This creative form of information can be submitted on Free Infographic Submission Sites to drive more engagement to your website.

A compelling and visually rich image holds more value than a written piece of text as “Our brain processes images 40,000X faster than plain text”. But creating an informative image is only half the battle, we need to promote it all over the internet. For your help, we have a list of popular infographic submission sites 2020 where you can submit them for free.

Is Infographic Good for SEO?

We daily come across with new strategies of advanced SEO, Infographic submission is a great activity for brand promotions and to increase brand awareness.

A search engine itself cannot derive content from an infographic, but your targeted audience can. Whenever you create an attractive & informative image you can easily build inbound links to drive traffic and consumers to your websites.

This SEO strategy is very cheap and yet very powerful. We have listed some very popular infographics directories for submitting your work.

Why should you create an Infographic?

As a user lands on your website or blog page, there is a lot of valuable information in the form of text which consumes a lot of time in reading. There are chances that the user might not read it and leave your website.

On the other hand, if a user lands on your website and finds a visually creative image that is informative and interesting to understand, they will spend more time on your website. An image also increases the chances of social media sharing.

Tip: You must try and embed interactive images on your website, but do not replace the content with it. Content performs well in search engines as compared to infographics.

Popular Infographic Submission Website List 2020

Here we have our list of free infographic directories where you can easily post them. We have researched all these websites and then we have come across all these amazing high DA, PA directories.

Just create informative graphic content from many free websites available online, you don’t need to buy any expensive software for that. Steps to follow are simple- you just need to write short and informative content, which could hook the user to your website.

Here is our list of Infographic Submission Sites:

 Serial No.Infographic Sites  PA DA MOZ
1 https://visual.ly78 70 
 www.flickr.com 9295 10 
 www.canva.com 9176 
https://piktochart.com 81 68 
6 www.slideshare.net 9585 
7 www.infographicsshowcase.com50 51 
8 www.dailyinfographic.com 8057 
9 www.tumblr.com 87100 10 
 10 www.infographicbee.com 2638  3
 11www.infographicreviews.com 22 36 
12 www.infographicsonly.com 3447  5
 13https://graphs.net 5451 
 14https://infographixdirectory.com 37 44 
 15https://coolinfographics.com 60 50 
 16www.infographicsarchive.com  5553 
 17http://allinfographics.org 4233 4
 18https://infographicgallery.com 30 22 
 19http://www.infographicpost.com37 33 
 20 http://www.omginfographics.com35 20 
 21http://videoinfographic.com  4127 
 22https://infographicjournal.com 50 55 
 23https://infographicdatabase.com 37 25 
 24http://infographic-directory.com 36 32 
 25http://www.onlyinfographic.com 38 33 
 26http://www.radinfographics.com 25 15 
 27https://submitinfographics.com 47 45 
 28http://www.infographicsking.com 27 47 
 29http://www.pureinfographics.com  2046 
Infographic list updated on - 12.07.2020

Conclusion Block:

This was our list of most popular Infographic sites which can provide you great backlinks and traffic for your website. All these sites are well researched by our team at Viral Anchor. You can easily make quality backlinks and drive traffic to your site.

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